BreezoMeter to provide air quality data in new Dyson IoT-connected air purifier

BreezoMeter, a big data analytics company that provides dynamic air quality data in real-time, has announced the use of its software platform in the new, Internet-connected Dyson Pure Cool™ Link air purifier.

The new purifier will provide users with an indication of the air quality in their homes, automatically purifying pollutants from the air. BreezoMeter’s data will be used to provide users with live access air quality data on their mobile devices. The technology is aimed at not only purifying the air but also enabling people to proactively check air quality data and choose to switch their product on remotely.

“Creating a clean and healthy environment requires actionable air quality data, that empowers people to take control of their wellbeing,” said Ziv Lautman, co-founder and chief marketing officer of BreezoMeter. “Our partnership with Dyson allows us to integrate our data into a system that is providing people with an IoT-connected, smart home device, which provides them with a very complete picture of the air around them on a daily basis, and helps them make informed decisions for their home.”

The Pure Cool™ Link purifier is designed to capture the ultrafine particles – including pollen and bacteria ­– and even traps odors and harmful toxins, such as paint fumes. The purifier will be complemented by the Dyson Link App ­– developed for iOS and Android – which will allow users to monitor air quality, as well as remotely set and reset the air purifier as air quality levels change.

The app also enables users to keep track of air quality history and peak pollution times – for example, when cleaning or cooking. Auto-mode allows the purifier to automatically react to the monitored air quality. BreezoMeter’s outdoor air quality readings will help users stay on top of the air quality levels in all areas that are part of their day-to-day lives.

BreezoMeter’s data analytics determine the dispersion and flow of air pollution by analysing information, including weather data and historic air quality data, gathered from thousands of existing sensors around the world, providing users with the most accurate picture of the real-time air quality. Its data is presented in an intuitive, actionable format so that companies can maximise user engagement by providing their customers with real-time, air quality data that is as localised as a city block.

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