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Webinar: Making Sense of CAT-M1 and CAT-M2

Webinar: Making Sense of CAT-M1 and CAT-M2

Posted by Izabela PronkoApril 11, 2016

Event date: April 21, 2016
16:00 London | 17:00 Paris | 19:00 Dubai | 11:00 New York
Webinar online

As IoT and M2M grow in leaps and bounds, the need for more cost-effective and power-efficient chipsets is clear.  However, on the horizon are two competing technologies, CAT-M1 (CAT-M) and CAT-M2 (NB-IoT) that are each poised to become fully standardized within the next 12-18.


altairWhile carriers do not need to choose between the two, a clear understanding of how to navigate through the next few years is crucial.  This webinar will focus on the two technologies, and will be delivered from the perspective of an objective vendor that is pursuing both standards.

What attendees will learn:

  • What CAT-M1 and CAT-M2 will do for IoT
  • The pros, cons and timeline of M1
  • The pros, cons and timeline of M2
  • Listen to a discussion of key market drivers
  • Hear about applications for the two technologies


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