CBNL provides licensed PMP for broadening the millimeter wave platform

Cambridge Broadband Networks (CBNL), provider in licensed point-to-multipoint (PMP), has launched its 39GHz VectaStar variant – broadening the platform into millimeter wave.

As spectrum becomes an increasingly scarce resource, CBNL’s new solution unlocks the huge potential of millimeter wave to offer a more efficient route to transform last mile throughput to multiple Gigabits per second (Gbps).

Initial deployments of CBNL’s millimeter wave solution will take place in the US where 39GHz is available nationwide, including deep coverage in every major city. The 39GHz VectaStar variant is an ideal solution to support high capacity applications such as backhaul, smart city connectivity and fixed wireless for the home and the enterprise. Offering up to 13.2Gbps per hub site in the US, VectaStar enables rapid deployment of guaranteed bandwidth that can easily scale as demand grows.

With VectaStar’s PMP architecture able to be deployed faster and with up to 50% cost savings over licensed point-to-point (PTP), the launch ensures more carriers can profit from the platform’s business case. A recent report from Real Wireless noted that for the same initial investment, licensed PMP can enable an ISP to connect 67% more customers and generate 1.8x higher ROI compared to PTP equivalents.

The announcement coincides with the launch of CBNL’s new demo network in New York’s Time Square. Customers will be able to visit the site by appointment and see a VectaStar network in operation across a large metropolitan area. This will provide a practical demonstration of the technology and a model for deployment.

Mark Ashford, vice president North America, CBNL, said: “With traditional frequencies becoming an increasingly limited resource, it’s vital that the industry maximises the opportunity of millimeter wave to develop more spectrally efficient strategies to scale last mile connectivity.

The new solution is a significant milestone and expands CBNL’s technical leadership into millimeter wave, providing the fastest and most cost effective path to Gbps hub capacities. We are excited to work with our US customers on the initial deployments and bring the benefits of licensed PMP to carriers across the country. Furthermore, we look forward to presenting the cutting-edge capabilities of VectaStar at our New York demo and showcasing its leading business case.”

The 39GHz VectaStar product follows exceptionally strong demand for the platform in the US. Since launching the US 28GHz VectaStar solution 18 months ago, CBNL’s technology has already been deployed across nine states for multiple carriers, including five in New York. This strengthens the platform’s global footprint, with VectaStar now deployed across 45 countries, including for seven of the world’s top ten largest mobile operators.

The VectaStar 39GHz solution is available for order now.

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