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JMG Systems implements Accelerite’s IoT platform for remote control of heavy machinery

JMG Systems implements Accelerite’s IoT platform for remote control of heavy machinery

Posted by Zenobia HegdeMay 6, 2016

Accelerite, a provider of infrastructure software for mobility, telco service creation, IoT, cloud and endpoint solutions, reported that JMG Systems Ltd. an electrical manufacturing and services company, has selected the Aepona IoT platform.

JMG Systems has developed a new cellular and satellite-enabled remote monitoring and control module for its range of control panel products. Accelerite’s Aepona IoT cloud-based platform will be used to connect these modules in the field, enabling new revenue-generating services for JMG Systems’ customers.

Accelerite will also provide professional services to design and deliver the end-to-end solution, including IoT platform service logic, web user interfaces, data ingestion and processing, and user management. As part of the complete solution, Accelerite will integrate its Aepona IoT service creation platform with components of Amazon’s AWS IoT offering for device registration, message routing and data processing and storage. Accelerite will also manage, operate and support the solution on JMG’s behalf, utilising AWS cloud infrastructure.

“We want a partner to not only provide us with a future-proof IoT platform, but one we could depend upon to work closely with us to understand the specific challenges and opportunities within our industry segment and implement customer-centric IoT solutions,” said Graeme Roberts, head of Sales and Marketing at JMG Systems.

“After careful consideration, we chose Accelerite’s Aepona IoT solution. We believe the combination of its platform-based approach, together with expertise in solution design and delivery and strong operational capabilities, will generate real business value for JMG and our customers.”

Nara Rajagopalan, CEO at Accelerite

Nara Rajagopalan, CEO at Accelerite

Nara Rajagopalan, CEO of Accelerite, commented, “We are delighted to have been chosen by JMG to provide the solution for its IoT initiative. The Internet of Things has the potential to transform businesses by opening up new services-based revenue streams, and JMG is in a strong position to become a key player in remote control and monitoring services for the heavy industrial machinery market. We look forward to partnering with and supporting JMG over the long term as they embark on this energising new phase of their growth.”

Headquartered in Northern Ireland, JMG Systems supplies a range of customised and standard electrical control panels, displays, wiring harnesses, remote controls, sensors and accessory items for engine-driven machinery covering quarrying, materials handling, airport ground support, shipping, construction and many other market sectors. The company’s customers include some of the largest manufacturers of engine based machinery in the world, including markets as diverse as quarry equipment, materials handling, airport ground support equipment and many others.

Accelerite delivers business-critical infrastructure software for Fortune 500s, telecom operators and SMEs around the globe. Accelerite’s product suite includes solutions for cloud life cycle management, endpoint security, enterprise mobility management, and the Internet of Things. Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., Accelerite serves as the products business of Persistent Systems, a global provider of software product development and technology services, with 9,000 team members worldwide.

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