Networked industry needs IT security

Networking and automating industrial production can have enormous benefits for businesses, but it also presents new IT security challenges.

Deutsche Telekom now explains in its new white paper, Security for the Industrial Internet of Things, where the risks lurk and how companies can protect themselves.

The 28-page document is being published during the HANNOVER MESSE, the world’s leading industrial trade fair, to inform industry leaders, experts, and opinion makers about the risks and possible security strategies to ensure the safe usage of connectivity and cloud services, says Conrad Riedesel and Caroline Bergmann of M2M Telekom Deutschland.

Risk of cyber-attacks grows

Currently, a third of all businesses experience the unwanted attention of cyber-criminals several times each week. Only half of all companies have implemented special security measures.

Achieving the highest possible level of security is often hindered by the various components of an industrial IoT solution, as well as the necessity to open networks and systems to customers, suppliers, and partners.

160421-sicherheit-idustr-IoT-463-285Of course, absolute security is as unrealistic as the desire to implement protective measures once and then forget about them. In order to be properly prepared, it is important for companies to first start with a risk analysis that can then be used to develop a comprehensive security concept.

Safe from the start

True security management begins with the selection of equipment, devices, systems, and network components. Businesses should make sure manufacturers have integrated security measures into their products. This also applies to connectivity and cloud services. Reliable providers, such as Deutsche Telekom, regularly have their extremely high security standards tested and certified.

For even greater protection, Telekom recommends companies develop a comprehensive security concept using a defence-in-depth approach. This divides IT architecture into various layers that are then each outfitted with the appropriate security measures. This ensures intruders will simply face another “closed door” should they manage to penetrate one layer of security.

Networking industry the safe and easy way

Alongside the white paper “Security for the Industrial Internet of Things”, Deutsche Telekom is also presenting a new Cloud of Things solution at the HANNOVER MESSE 2016. It enables businesses of all sizes to manage their machinery remotely in a safe and easy fashion.

The authors of this blog is Conrad Riedesel and Caroline Bergmann of M2M Telekom Deutschland.

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