GlobalPlatform agrees to sign a MoU with the Car Connectivity Consortium to enable car use cases

Industry association GlobalPlatform has signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding with the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC).

The two bodies will collaborate on a joint white paper, which explains how GlobalPlatform technologies can enable many connected car use cases, in compliance with industry and geographical regulations, including authentication and safe use of in-car content.

The CCC is a non-profit organisation of automakers, smartphone vendors and aftermarket car electronics providers who believe there should be one simple way to connect any device to any car. As a result, the organisation’s members have created MirrorLink®, a standard technology which enables handsets to be controlled from the dashboard or steering wheel.

Through this collaboration, the bodies will promote the multiple benefits available to car manufacturers when deploying GlobalPlatform’s trusted execution environment (TEE) and secure element (SE) technologies alongside MirrorLink. The forthcoming white paper will explain how TEEs and SEs can securely store permissions that control the mobile content shown on in-vehicle screens, in order to comply with local regulations, which vary considerably by geography.

The paper will also explain how GlobalPlatform technology can be leveraged to authenticate a user’s mobile device to a car, and also to authenticate a car to the internet for functions such as remote diagnostics, in-car services, navigation and car security.

Hank Chavers, technical program manager, GlobalPlatform said, “Ensuring the safety, security, and authenticity of connected cars and the services and applications they offer drivers, is not only paramount to the success of the industry, but is vital to safeguard lives. GlobalPlatform’s secure technology provides the necessary infrastructure to enable car manufacturers to meet all regulatory compliance requirements and deliver the highest security products. GlobalPlatform technology is already in use in cars so we welcome this collaboration with CCC as it will help us to further increase the visibility of the value and flexibility that GlobalPlatform Specifications offer to this important and growing market.”

Alan Ewing, president and executive director of the CCC said, “We at CCC look forward to working with GlobalPlatform. We know their technology means that car manufacturers are able to easily adapt their in-vehicle connectivity systems to comply with local requirements without specifying additional costly hardware changes.”

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