Sweden-based Maingate Enterprise Solutions rebrands as IIOX

Maingate Enterprise Solutions was one of the first companies in Europe to deliver commercial IoT implementations within the Internet of Things (IoT).

 Now, in order to be more precise to existing and new customers, Maingate is implementing a comprehensive change of the brand and, according to its management, tighter packaging of the offering including a new name, IIOX.

The name IIOX is crafted around the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) and stands for Industrial Internet of Anything where the ‘X’ marks ‘anything. “We want the brand to reflect what we actually do and what our service platform enables – the ability to add digital capabilities to existing systems and by that achieving business advantage,” said Patrik Björkman, CEO, Industrial Internet of X AB (IIOX).

IIOX´s experience in extracting useful information from machine data dates back almost 20 years. It is one of a few companies that have delivered commercial IoT implementations since the very first steps of IoT in 2010.

“What differentiates us is our focus, our deep industrial knowledge and our understanding of clients’ business. For us, developing our customers’ business is the most important role we can take. The technology we offer is a tool to reach that goal,” said Björkman.

The second era of digitalisation is under way and the digital transformation is a challenge for many businesses today, Björkman believes. Most companies have spent years and millions on fine-tuning processes and getting them to work at their best – standalone. In order to leverage the full power brought by the digital transformation, the entire process needs to work as one.

Success depends on the ability to integrate independent systems that will enable the exploitation of the massive data streams that are collected in real-time. True digitalisation is not only about the shift from analogue to digital, it’s about the shift from product to service. And from service to experience. Selling the results of your products rather than the products itself.

“At IIOX we have the experience and technology to help companies in various industries to take big steps towards new and better ways of operating their businesses,” Björkman added.

IIOX provides a secure Internet of Things service platform for industrial and enterprise applications. The cloud-based platform collects, harmonises, aggregates and distributes machine data in real-time, turning data into useful information and knowledge.

New digital capabilities are enabled when adding IIOX to your existing OT (operational technology) and IT environments. These capabilities improve the efficiency of your existing business and facilitate new business models and service innovation.

IIOX claims to be one of the few companies that has delivered commercial IoT implementations since 2010 and the company has 20 years’ experience of turning machine data into knowledge. Customers include global companies such as E.ON and DeLaval as well as “innovative disruptors” like Liros Power Solution. IIOX has 20 employees with offices in Karlskrona, Malmö and Stockholm.

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