London’s IoT advanced incubator Breed Reply adds three start-ups to its portfolio

Sentryo cybersecurity

Breed Reply, Reply’s IoT investor, funding and supporting startups in the Internet of Things space, announced that agreements have been signed with Connecterra (Netherlands), Kokoon (UK) and Sentryo (France).

The investment extends Breed Reply’s IoT presence into the Agritech and Cybersecurity verticals with Connecterra and Sentryo, and further develops their Wellness portfolio with Kokoon. These companies join their existing portfolio – now a total of 11 – who already address the Smart Home, Buildings and Cities sectors along with Healthcare & Wellness.

Connecterra combines the power of sensor technologies and deep learning to provide a complete health monitoring service for dairy cattle. Connecterra’s end-to-end solution consists of a wearable device, which monitors the herd in real-time and transmits the data to a cloud platform for analysis and prediction of behavioural patterns. This allows farmers to free up labor time, improve production per animal and save a significant amount of money by optimising their breeding cycles.

Kokoon’s headphones
Kokoon’s headphones

Kokoon’s headphones are designed to help you relax and sleep better, anywhere. Using advanced sensor technology and machine learning, the headphones adapt and respond to the body and environment, enabling improved sleep quality and waking the user at the perfect point in the natural sleep cycle. Kokoon’s headphones are designed to provide unrivalled comfort and convenience and their partnership with Onkyo delivers superior audio quality. Kokoon graduated from the global hardware accelerator HAX in 2015 and SOSV, the fund behind HAX, has joined this round of investment.

Sentryo is pioneering the market for cybersecurity protection for machine- to-machine networks and critical industrial systems. ICS CyberVision passively monitors the network and detects abnormal events utilising machine learning algorithms, therefore preventing cyber- attacks, streamlining incident response and avoiding damage.

ICS CyberVision simplifies operational and information technology collaboration to keep critical industrial infrastructure owners ahead of the threat. Sentryo addresses the energy, transportation, telco and aerospace segments and more broadly all companies needing to meet the Industry 4.0 challenge.

Connecterra sensor technologies
Connecterra sensor technologies

“With our portfolio moving from strength to strength, some of them now entering the market and gaining follow on investments, we are delighted to welcome Connecterra, Kokoon and Sentryo to our fast growing portfolio of startups.

Each of their products brings exciting technologies and pioneering approaches to the respective markets“ commented Emanuele Angelidis, CEO of Breed Reply “Connecterra’s world-class team is finally bringing user-friendly technology to farmers; Kokoon is building a unique product that addresses a problem affecting a large part of the world population; and Sentryo’s solution is tackling one of the greatest future challenges for the Internet of Things”.

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