TechnoAware IP video analytics software certifies Advantech in-vehicle and ruggedised NVR

Advantech, a global provider of embedded systems, announced it has ARK-V&S series (In-Vehicle & Ruggedised NVR and mobile computing) certified for TechnoAware video analysis and ambient intelligence solutions.

The hardware has been tested to ensure that customers can get surveillance analytics solutions up and running quickly. This is with hardware and software that has been pre-tested and verified to work with TechnoAware VTrack products.

Advantech ARK-V&S certified by TechnoAware aims to allow businesses to implement systems more efficiently in the field of intrusion, Gateflow, AreaCounting, OccupancyRate, HotZones, LeftObject, StolenObject, Counting, AvSpeed, LPR or any other need of video analytics.

TechnoAware VTrack technology is the video analytics platform created by TechnoAware for the development of automatic video surveillance products and solutions. Using standard video cameras and PC architectures, VTrack techbology enables to detect, track and classify subjects (individuals, vehicles, objects, …) or events of interest, [applicable] for different kinds op solutions.

Partnering to accelerate deployment of video analysis solutions

An Advantech ARK-V based on core i5 and an ARK-S series NVR/mobile computing model also using core i5 CPU, have been heavily tested and have now been certified by TechnoAware.

Advantech Embedded Computing product sales manager, Jeroen Baerents
Advantech Embedded Computing product sales manager, Jeroen Baerents

“We have noticed an increasing focus for in-vehicle and ruggedised computing on the vertical markets in surveillance and security. It pleases us to be able to offer pre-tested devices validated through TechnoAware. This will stimulate the start of customers’ surveillance and video analytics projects,” said Advantech Embedded Computing product sales manager, Jeroen Baerents.

TechnoAware expressed confidence in the deployment of surveillance analytics solutions. Simone de Titta, TechnoAware Global sales manager added: “We see an increasing need for ruggedised and In-Vehicle solutions from our customers and are proud to release the news of our solid solutions that will make a difference in both robust circumstances as well as in-vehicle environments. Our customers will be able to jumpstart their surveillance analytics projects with our offering.”

Choosing and integrating the right set of devices and software for surveillance projects are complex. Moreover, they take time to be implemented. A significant advantage by choosing an Advantech NVR that is certified by TechnoAware is knowing in advance that Advantech’s offering will work with the TechnoAware VTrack offering.

Customers will be able to save time and efforts in researching on project specs and RFP processes, knowing that the NVR devices and software platforms have been tested for readiness, compatibility and usability.

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