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UK’s ‘largest mission-critical IoT radio network’ claimed by Maxxwave at launch

UK’s ‘largest mission-critical IoT radio network’ claimed by Maxxwave at launch

Posted by Zenobia HegdeJune 13, 2016

Powered by its existing Ambitalk radio network, Maxxwave reportedly offers coverage of much of the UK. With up to 40 miles available from each transmitter site using its radio technologies, Ambitalk is said to be the UK’s largest PAMR radio network.

Branded as AmbiIoT, the key selling point is that the claims of 40 miles range, 1400 data packets per second per transmitter site and blanket coverage are underwritten by SLA (Service Level Agreement) with guarantees with respect to coverage, capacity, latency and packet loss.

It has been a recognised problem for several years that all the existing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions such as Sigfox and LORA use license-exempt spectrum and so are not capable of offering any form of guaranteed delivery. By using the Maxxwave exclusive National radio spectrum, AmbiIoT can deliver higher throughput with predictable metrics including sub-50ms latency.

Intended uses are for sensor data, telemetry, alarms, GPS data and any IoT application that requires security, reliability and availability.

AmbiIoT is said not to experience interference from other equipment sharing the spectrum, as with other “licencefree” solutions currently on the market. In the case of unwanted interference to AmbiIoT, UK regulator Ofcom has powers to enter premises and remove the interfering equipment. In the meantime, sophisticated anti-jam technologies keep it “business as usual” for users.

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