PodsystemM2M connects “Internet of Things” parenting app from MyFamily Mobile

PodsystemM2M, the expert in multi-network data SIM cards for the Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) industries, and wearable IoT technology firm, MyFamily Mobile have announced the launch of a new wearable device and range of applications for children designed not only to track and locate a child’s whereabouts but also to remotely monitor their behaviour and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

The Smartwatch (otherwise known as “PCAM”, personal communication access module) features an advanced location system based on GPS, GSM, WiFi and G-Sensor enabling parents to locate their child in real-time at the touch of a button. Parents can trigger an alarm to find their child if they become separated and children can also make an SoS emergency call to parents if they are in danger. It is also possible to see a historical map of the child’s location over time. A safe zone can be set up around areas such as school or home and an alert triggered when the child leaves this area.

In addition to these security features, the child can call and send instant messages to a list of contacts which are controlled via a parenting app available for download from the MyFamily App store.

my_family_mobileThe app allows parents to monitor and control a whole range of features remotely on the device, for example a calendar can be set up to remind the child about daily activities such as brushing their teeth, doing their homework etc. Via the app, it is also possible to analyse the child’s behaviour patterns and to remotely listen to the child without triggering the smartwatch, which provides added peace of mind if the child does not answer a call.

The Smartwatch is built around PodsystemM2M’s resilient data connectivity solution, designed specifically for mission critical applications such as those focused on safety and security. The global coverage and connection to multiple mobile networks in each country, in addition to the use of separate back-up networks designed to avoid loss of connectivity even when technical issues on the core network infrastructure occur, are the keys to the success of this wearable device.

Additional applications for the device are available via the MyFamily Children App and Book Store and the MyFamily Educational App Store, through which parents can update a whole variety of games, books and educational material based on the British curriculum. A range of regularly updated games are available including those that encourage physical exercise.

The device is also compatible with next generation smart toys, such as robotic balls that can be controlled with the child’s movement. Children can interact with friends via the watch, which allows them to add friends that are close by to their contact list via Bluetooth, generating a notification to the parent app.

Charles Towers-Clark, managing director of Podsystem Group
Charles Towers-Clark, managing director of Podsystem Group

Commenting on the wearable device and application, Seyi Opanubi, co-founder and director of Operations and R&D at MyFamily Mobile, said; “MyFamily Mobile child smart watches (PCAMs) are for children aged between 4 and 12. Parents refresh their PCAMs regularly with new interactive books, apps and games from the parent app shop and monitor the child’s health and activity level. Reminders are regularly sent to the PCAMs’ calendar from the parent app. As well as informing parents once children are home, at school, with friends or if in danger, parents can call or send messages to children through the PCAM.”

Charles Towers-Clark, managing director of Podsystem Group explained, “One of the most important aspects of the IoT is the way it can be used to improve peoples’ safety and security. We have designed our IoT connectivity solution with added resilience to give people the peace of mind to know that they can rely on mission critical applications, such as that provided by MyFamily Mobile, when they most need them.

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