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RiskBand turns to u-blox to enable global personal security wearable not tied to a phone

RiskBand turns to u-blox to enable global personal security wearable not tied to a phone

Posted by Zenobia HegdeJuly 27, 2016

Whereable Technologies is using technology from u-blox, a global provider of wireless and positioning modules and chips, for RiskBand.

Riskband is said to be the first wearable, live-monitored personal safety device that doesn’t require connection to a cell phone. Launching in the autumn, this is a small, bracelet-like device that allows wearers to summon help and stream audio and photos with just one discreet push of a button. It will use u-blox’s new SARA-U201 the world’s smallest penta-band HSPA/GSM cellular module, so wearers can reach the RiskBand Emergency Response team from anywhere worldwide with cellular service. RiskBand will be one of the first devices to incorporate this globally functioning cellular module.


u-blox’s new SARA-U201

“When we designed RiskBand, we wanted to make sure every component was best-in-class to deliver flawlessly on our promise to provide security to our users,” said Whereable Technologies president and CEO Jim Van Law. “The u-blox SARA-U201 allows us to not only streamline the size of the device, but also offers RiskBand wearers the unparalleled ability to get help virtually anywhere in the world in the event of an emergency.”

Measuring just 16 x 26 x 3 mm, the 96‑pin SARA‑U201 is the smallest cellular module ever made supporting both 2G and 3G connectivity and has global radio regulatory approvals. RiskBand will also incorporate u-blox’s top of the line GPS smart-antenna module with omni-directional reception in its device to ensure its location-based functions are best in class as well.

RiskBand is available at with a two-year subscription.

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