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TIM and Samsung launch the first smartwatch in Italy with integrated eSIM

TIM and Samsung launch the first smartwatch in Italy with integrated eSIM

Posted by Zenobia HegdeAugust 30, 2016

TIM and Samsung, in collaboration with Gemalto, launched the first smartwatch in Italy with an integrated embedded SIM (eSIM), representing the evolution of the SIM Card and mobile devices.

Samsung’s Gear S2 Classic 3G Smartwatch is the first wearable device in the world with eSIM, a technological innovation that marks a further step towards the digital future of the Internet of Things.

The eSIM makes it possible to connect the device, simply and immediately, to TIM’s mobile network using a QR code. Samsung’s Gear S2 Classic 3G Smartwatch is a real watch that has all the functions of a smartphone and stands out for its essential design with a circular face and metal finish. You can make calls, send and receive text messages, receive notifications, consult your fitness data (step counter, heart rate monitor, stop watch), read emails and browse social networks in complete freedom wherever you are.

Fitted with a Tizen operating system, the smartwatch allows you to navigate and choose different services and screens thanks to a revolving bezel ring. Moreover Gemalto, through its platform, will guarantee the correct management and customisation of mobile radio service directly from within the embedded SIM.

This initiative, achieved thanks to the expertise of TIM, Samsung and the collaboration with Gemalto, highlights the three players’ ability and commitment to contribute to the development of innovative services for the Internet of Things.

TIM smartwatch

TIM smartwatch

Adoption of the eSIM is only the first step in the evolution of the features of the traditional SIM. This new system allows you to activate and update your subscription to the service remotely, and will then allow the eSIM to be used on other types of devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Thanks to this collaboration people will be able to manage every need on the go through increasingly simple and immediate connectivity tools and TIM’s 4G network. The world of wearables in which Samsung has been investing in recent years represents a strategic technological line within a mobile ecosystem which concerns numerous applications in different areas, from sport to lifestyle and business. The introduction of the eSIM will further contribute to the evolution and spread of this category of devices which is rapidly growing.

The e-SIM enables the Samsung’s Gear S2 Classic 3G to use all the functions of a smartphone, from making calls to sending texts, alongside the traditional functions of a smartwatch.

Regarding the integration of an eSIM in a smartwatch, Howard Berg, SVP Gemalto UK & Ireland, said: “Integrating eSIMS into smartwatches is the next step towards letting consumers benefit from a more connected and cohesive Internet of Things. By allowing our smartwatches to natively make calls and texts we’re reducing our dependence on our smartphones and providing another vehicle for communication with our other devices, ultimately giving more choice. As the size of e-SIMs decrease, we will be able to integrate them into more smart devices, helping to develop and improve innovative communications solutions.”

Samsung’s Gear S2 Classic 3G Smartwatch is offered at 399.90 euros or it is available with an initial contribution of 49 euros and thereafter instalments of 10 euros/month for 30 months.

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