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TU-Automotive Europe 2016

TU-Automotive Europe 2016

Posted by Maciej JadachSeptember 2, 2016

Event date: November 2 – 3, 2016
Internationales Congress Center München

Europe’s Largest Conference & Exhibition Dedicated to the Future of Auto Mobility

For 14 years the TU-Automotive Europe Conference & Exhibition has been the central meeting place for those at the forefront of automotive technical innovation and business strategy.

Executives from the leading OEMs, tier1s, telematics services providers, telecoms and government bodies will gather to develop robust proof of concepts, agile business models and effective innovation processes to bring the auto industry up-to-date with the digital revolution.

Three Pillars of an Auto Evolution – Connectivity, Mobility and Autonomy:

hrough independent research we have uncovered the most critical business and tech. trends that will impact your business in 2016 and beyond:

  • Tech Companies that Make Cars?
    Get in line with OEM restructuring and investments for a world where the car is a connected service delivery platform
  • Trust in Autonomous:
    Develop an integrated product, testing and education roadmap in partnership with governments to strengthen public confidence at this crucial time
  • The Connected Eco-City:
    The city becomes the epicentre for new modes of clean, efficient & connected mobility. Transform the car into an intelligent and networked eco-warrior!
  • Auto-Disruped:
    From modular autonomous pods to the flying car; ground-breaking start-ups and tech. companies enter auto with concepts that will change the face of transportation
  • New Customers for an Old Industry:
    Digitise the auto user experience in and out of the car as millennials discard car ownership for seamless personalisation and convenience

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