Smart home services for international operators launched by Germany’s ABOX42

ABOX42 GmbH, a supplier of IPTV, OTT and Hybrid-DVB Set-Top-Box platforms, has introduced its new Smart Home solution ABOX42.IO for international operators to the Smart Home market.

ABOX42.IO contains all essential cloud-, mobile- and hardware components to offer a compelling end user service. Operators have the opportunity to combine their TV offering based on ABOX42 Smart STB platform with the new ABOX42.IO Smart Home services.

With the ABOX42.IO Smart Home services, operators are able to quickly roll out new Smart Home Service to extend their service offerings and bundles. With this new service operators can generate new revenues streams within their existing customer base, acquire new subscribers and reduce churn.

All ABOX42.IO services and components are fully integrated and can be easily deployed without a major project risk in a short time line.

The core components of the ABOX42.IO service are:

ABOX42.IO M30 Smart home gateway:

With a performance of 5000 DMIPS and a dual core ARM processor the ABOX42 M30 is a one of the most powerful Smart Home gateways. M30 contains a rich communication package to interact with the latest standards to connect with various sensors in the home. M30 supports Thread, RF4CE, Wifi extensions and the latest ZigBee 3.0 standard.ABOX42IO-01

The Smart Home Gateway offers state-of-art security and privacy for the end-user via advanced built-in security and encrypted data transmission to the ABOX42.IO cloud services.

ABOX42.IO Life cycle management for the gateway:

The built-In secure software lifecycle management system of ABOX42.IO allows secure management of the gateway firmware. This makes M30 a solid Smart Home Gateway platform prepared for dynamic changes of Smart Home technologies in the future.

ABOX42.IO certified sensors:

ABOX42.IO offers a whole range of compatible sensors which are certified to work with the ABOX42.IO Smart Home Gateway and ABOX42.IO service platform. Already available are home sensors for Door/Window Open detection, Smoke-, Fire-, Gas-sensors, Water leak detectors, Motion sensors and smart power plugs. Via Wifi M30 in addition can control sensors like cameras with optional microphone and speaker functionality.


ABOX42.IO sensors already support the Green Power standard. This allows to operate sensors with a battery life time of 5-10 years. This is a significant advantage regarding battery life compared to previous sensor generations.

ABOX42.IO BigData:

Alongside the ABOX42.IO Smart Home Gateway, ABOX42.IO BigData offers a range of Cloud IoT backend services to communicate with the ABOX42.IO Smart Home Gateway, to collect sensor data, to aggregate and securely store these data. ABOX42.IO BigData enables the implementation of a whole range of Smart Home business models.

ABOX42.IO Mobile applications for Android & IPhone:

The ABOX42.IO Smart Home solution is built as service for mobile devices. The end user interfaces with the ABOX42.IO Smart Home Service via mobile apps for IPhone and Android smartphones. The Apps allow the user to entirely manage the service installation & configuration, as well as the interaction with the service.

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