Staying Connected Everywhere You Work: Tablets are Transforming the Way Business Works

Read how these industries are leveraging the increased security and productivity that comes with moving their mobile workforce to tablets.



Healthcare organizations are seeking to reduce re-admissions; Baby Boomers are choosing to “age in place”; and the call grows louder to increase practitioner accountability while incentivizing health organizations to improve patient outcomes. Tablets with mobile connectivity will play a central role in all of these trends.

Field Services and Repairs


With tablets in the hands of service workers, there is potential to create a visual analog of equipment right on the technician’s tablet. Before arriving on location, he or she would be able to pinpoint exactly what needed to be repaired, and gain assistance during the repair from the tablet’s screen.

Food Service


Tablets working over a cellular network can act as self-serve menus and point-of-sale payment terminals for customer orders. The iPad can make suggestions to the customer, potentially upselling items and increasing sales revenue -- all while improving order accuracy and efficiency.

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