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Alliance for Swedish IoT start-ups grows and goes to M2M Summit and IOTSWC

Alliance for Swedish IoT start-ups grows and goes to M2M Summit and IOTSWC

Posted by Zenobia HegdeSeptember 27, 2016

The Swedish Alliance for IoT Entrepreneurs (SMSE) welcomes StillaLoggameraLightFlex Technology and ReVibe Energy as new members. With 63 members and 18 partners SMSE emphasises Sweden’s position as a great place to look for IoT experience and solutions.

“Swedish IoT is hot, hot, hot,” says Magnus Melander, founder of SMSE. “We are getting more and more international visitors, partners, customers and investors and four members of SMSE have been acquired this year so far”, continues Mr Melander.

Next stop for SMSE is M2M Summit in Düsseldorf October 5-6 where LumenRadio, WSI, Springworks, Digital Nordix and WBIRD represent the alliance. Magnus Melander is also moderating the Industry 4.0 and Automotive sessions. 15 members will represent the alliance in a joint stand at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona October 25-27 and participate in the IoT For Real Breakfast event in Barcelona October 27.

Among the messages promoted by SMSE are that Data is the gold of IoT, Service Enablement is key to a prospering Internet of Things industry and Specialisation is needed in the increasingly international and competitive IoT market.

The members of SMSE are:

IIOX (former Maingate), Springworks, WSI, Episcope, Info24, Tritech, Infracontrol, Fridat,Vinnter, CSL Connect, Cyan Connode, Evothings, CNet, B3IT, FYM, Imagimob, H&D Wireless, Crossbreed, Combain, Shortcut Labs, Yanzi Networks, Roxen, April System Design, Possio, Watty, Clayster, KTC, Mowic, Exibea, Slagkryssaren, MicroTracking,Scypho, TalkPool, SoftAlarm, ShopJoy, Aifloo, IBaround, Realtime Embedded, Incell,Aptilo,Wittra, Narrative, Tinitell, EWA Solutions, Add Secure, Storegate, DNX, Neue Labs, Inkonova, Mind Music Labs, Real IoT, Eze System, Tannak, Anyway Wireless Communications, DinBox, Pins Collective, HMS, LumenRadio, Stilla, Loggamera, LightFlex Technology, ReVibe Energy and Wbird.

SMSE partners are:

Tele2, Telenor Connexion, Telia, Ericsson, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Intel, M2M Alliance,Telefonica, Interoute, 3, Northstream, Flex, MapR, Mobile Institute, THINGS, Business Sweden and Swedish Mobile Association (SMA).

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