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Greenwave Systems acquires Predixion Software to enhance its AXON Platform

Greenwave Systems acquires Predixion Software to enhance its AXON Platform

Posted by Zenobia HegdeSeptember 28, 2016

IoT and M2M platform provider, Greenwave Systems has acquired Predixion Software, a developer of real-time visual edge analytics software for the Internet of Things, for an undisclosed amount.

The acquisition will, says the company, enhance Greenwave’s AXON Platform® with advanced visual analytics, enabling real-time data insights across one of the world’s largest connected networks. The purchase will also add industry talent to the Greenwave team and accelerate customer development in IoT,machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, network management and media delivery for IPTV and linear TV.

Through collaboration with a host of impressive partners, Greenwave’s technology is integrated into numerous advanced networks and connected devices. Adding Predixion’s RIOT™ product, a self-contained edge analytics engine, to the AXON™ software suite, is said to provide customers with an unprecedented opportunity to capture, analyse and act on real-time data insights. By embedding advanced analytics capabilities, AXON delivers a more intelligent IoT experience to customers and delivers deeper insights into network management and performance.

Simon Arkell, co-founder and CEO, Predixion

Simon Arkell, co-founder and CEO, Predixion

“We are thrilled to add Predixion Software to our team,” said Martin Manniche, founder and CEO at Greenwave Systems. “With this acquisition we welcome some of the industry’s strongest data scientists, engineers and top talent to our company, including Simon Arkell, Predixion’s co-founder and CEO, who will assume the role of GM of Software Plaforms for Analytics. The Predixion RIOT software is a natural addition to our product line because it’s designed for an end-to-end solution, scalabe in the cloud, and optimised for embedded devices that sit on fixed-line or mobile networks. Integrating RIOT software into our AXON Platform will enable our customers to extract value from nearly 8 million households and 4 million mobile devices deployed with AXON software.”

The IoT space is rapidly expanding as networking technology advances, connected devices proliferate and leading service providers across multiple verticals join the race. With the AXON Platform, Greenwave has secured its leading role as the industry’s frontrunner by enabling bold new connected services with partners like Verizon, Frontier Communications, IBM and E.ON, amongst others. Through these partnerships, Greenwave technology is now represented in IoT and M2M products spanning global telecommunications, utilities, broadband media delivery solutions and more.

“Joining the Greenwave team will extend our analytics technology to a remarkable range of managed networks,” said Simon Arkell. “We can touch IoT, M2M, video and broadband networks and bring tremendous value to our current list of customers and partners, including Intel, Wind River®, Accenture and GE. We are excited to join the team and we look forward to what we’ll accomplish together. Greenwave’s acquisition of Predixion will provide more financial horsepower to what Predixion has already developed and will enable us to accelerate growth and take the technology global.”

Jim Douglas, president of Wind River

Jim Douglas, president of Wind River

“Real-time analytics are invaluable to companies with IoT deployments as they provide critical insights into network devices at any given time. For example, with advanced analytics monitoring and reporting on devices across the network in real time, companies can fix maintenance issues before they cause bigger problems or shift resources to offload an overworked device,” said Jim Douglas, president of Wind River, a Predixion Software partner. “We are excited to continue our work with Greenwave and develop next generation analytics solutions for IoT.”

Greenwave has achieved record sales this year, with a headcount of more than 280 employees worldwide and other key milestone wins. The company says ithas entered a new phase of development and will continue to use acquisitions as a key means to accelerate its growth.

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