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IoT Now Magazine – September/October 2016

IoT Now Magazine – September/October 2016

Posted by IoT Now MagazineSeptember 30, 2016
IoT Now Magazine (ISSN 2397-2807) explores the evolving opportunities and challenges facing CSPs across this sector. Our exclusive interviews pass on the key lessons learned by industry leaders in next gen Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) services.
In September/October 2016 issue: iot now magazine cover
  • TALKING HEADS: Lars Reger and Juergen Weyer tell IoT Now that neural networks, sensor fusion, robust networking and heightened security will enable connected cars to offer more automation
  • INTERVIEW: Daniel Quant, the vice president of product management and strategic market at MultiTech Systems, tells George Malim that low power long range (LPLR) enterprise networks offer compelling opportunities
  • IoT Now INSIGHT REPORT – SMART ENERGY: In the latest of our ongoing series of specially- commissioned, independent, analyst-written Insight Reports, Samuel Ropert of IDATE examines smart energy deployments and the market’s prospects.

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