Tibbo Technology launches its Open Platform Communications server

Tibbo Technology has launched its Open Platform Communications server. OPC is a set of specifications and standards for industrial telecommunication, that defines the transfer of real-time plant data between control devices from various manufacturers.

The aim of OPC was to support a common bridge for Windows-based software applications and process control hardware. OPC was designed to minimise the quantity of duplicated effort made by hardware companies and their software partners.

The most typical OPC specification, OPC Data Access (OPC DA), is supported by Tibbo OPC Server. Any device compatible with the Tibbo AggreGate protocol can be a data source. AggreGate is a white-label Internet of Things (IoT) integration platform reportedly using up-to-date network technologies to control, configure, monitor and support electronic devices, along with distributed networks of such electronic devices.

ops server structure
ops server structure

According to Tibbo, it also helps users collect device data in the cloud, where they can slice and dice it in alignment with their needs. In addition, the platform lets other enterprise applications transparently access this data via the AggreGate server.

Tibbo OPC server has built-in AggreGate network protocol. It can either communicate with any Tibbo devices by AggreGate agent protocol or connect to AggreGate server. The AggreGate agent protocol open-source implementation is made public for Java, C#, and C++ programming languages, so your connection scheme is not confined to Tibbo devices or AggreGate server only.


opc-server-simple-exampleA simple example: TPS reads Tibbit #29 (Ambient temperature meter) and forwards data to OPC server via AggreGate agent protocol.opc-server-complex-example

A complex example: a wood processing machine is controlled by a Windows-based PC with the help of AggreGate server by the Modbus protocol. When the Tibbo OPC server is connected with AggreGate server, the data from the wood processing machine is sent to Tibbo OPC server, and thus, we can monitor and operate the machine through any OPC client.

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