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‘The 5G Myth’ book debunks the need and business case for 5G

‘The 5G Myth’ book debunks the need and business case for 5G

Posted by Zenobia HegdeDecember 20, 2016

Professor William Webb, deputy chair at CW (Cambridge Wireless) and CEO of the Weightless SIG, and one of the world’s leading wireless communications experts, has published his latest book that debunks the need and business case for 5G.

In ‘The 5G Myth’, William Webb says that the 5G vision is flawed and rather than heralding a huge advance in global connectivity, users will simply not value the higher data rates promised and will not need the higher capacity forecast. He argues that the vision is also flawed because technological advances are insufficient to deliver it and because mobile operators are not profitable enough to afford it.

“Despite the clearly flawed case for 5G, it is not in the interests of any of the stakeholders to point this out because they all benefit from the interest, funding and potential that 5G promises,” said Webb. “But there is an alternative vision where industry focuses on consistent connectivity everywhere rather than unnecessarily fast speeds in city centres.”

The book, which explains in detail why the vision of 5G is flawed and sets out the proposition for a better connected future, is available from Amazon (search “5G Myth”) both as a physical book and Kindle download. The concluding chapter is available as a free download here.

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