AT&T launches IoT professional services to help businesses accelerate IoT solutions

AT&T is aiming to make it easier for businesses to succeed with the Internet of Things (IoT). Greater efficiencies, new revenue streams, lower operating costs and customer satisfaction are just a few reasons why businesses are interested in IoT.

To help businesses accelerate IoT solutions, AT&T is offering a suite of professional, managed, and consulting services. They are making our network more accessible and helping developers more quickly prototype IoT solutions.

“This is a time when virtually anything can be connected to the Internet. Entirely new experiences and processes never thought possible are now achievable through the IoT. And they can transform entire industries,” said Chris Penrose, president, Internet of Things (IoT), AT&T. “Sharing our tools, expertise and speedy access to our network can help businesses of all sizes succeed with the IoT.”

IoT professional services

The company provides a full suite of services to help businesses design, test, deploy, and manage IoT solutions. Our experts can help businesses of all sizes:

    • Speed innovation and mitigate risks. They help prioritise and develop strategies and proven architectural frameworks.
    • Design, develop and optimise a highly secure IoT architecture. One that holistically addresses network scale, performance and security.
    • Deploy and manage IoT initiatives with governance across the AT&T, customer and partner ecosystem.
    • Streamline device logistics with custom, integrated solutions.
    • Optimise efficiencies to improve business.

They offer a range of consulting services. These include IoT business and technology strategy planning, innovation assessment, development of an acceleration strategy, and a long term roadmap that defines architecture, timelines, budget requirements and execution plans.

They also offer consulting services that cover IoT security needs. These can apply to organisations involving infrastructure, threat management, data and application services while helping to maintain security and compliance.

Post deployment, they be there. They will offer support through the entire lifecycle. This includes device and SIM management, billing support, customised reporting, assisted trouble-ticket resolution, staff training and more.

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IoT device certification

They have more than 2,900 types of connected devices certified for our network. And more than 30 million connected devices as of the third quarter of 2016.

They are reducing the time and cost for businesses to gain certification for new devices while preserving our network’s integrity.

IoT device integrators can now choose a streamlined way to complete AT&T device certification for new IoT devices:

    • Performing their own in-house on-network testing by following a simple on-line process; or
    • Have the testing performed by a lab participating in the AT&T Mobile Broadband Accelerator Program.

IoT device integrators were once required to submit devices to the AT&T Lab for on-network testing and verification. This could have taken a week or two. Our new IoT Device Certification shrinks that to a matter of days—or even hours. So developers and businesses can grow and scale quicker than ever.

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