Cisco Jasper expands IoT services to businesses in Chile and Hong Kong

Businesses in Chile and Hong Kong will be able to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver new revenue-generating services, following deals between Cisco and Entel in Chile as well as SmarTone in Hong Kong. Entel, telecommunications company, has selected the Cisco Jasper® Control Centre IoT connectivity management platform to enable customers to rapidly transform their businesses with IoT services.

“Businesses throughout Chile are pursuing IoT to help reduce costs, introduce new services and drive new revenues,” said Julián San Martín, VP Corporate Markets at Entel. “Together with Cisco, Entel will be the trusted partner for companies looking to accelerate their IoT success. The Cisco® Jasper IoT platform will provide our customers with the best solution for managing and monetising their IoT service businesses.”

“This agreement strategically pairs the telecom expertise of Entel with the IoT experience of Cisco to help ensure businesses throughout Chile have the solutions and resources they need to succeed,” said Gabriel Calgaro, Country manager for Chile at Cisco. “We look forward to supporting the digital transformation of Entel’s business customers, and simplifying their transition to service businesses.”

Gabriel Calgaro, Country manager for Chile at Cisco

With Cisco Jasper Control Centre, Entel’s business customers will be able to increase productivity and manage costs. They will also be able to deliver exceptional, consistent, and reliable customer experiences while getting their services to market in a fraction of today’s time.

Control Centre enables IoT services across any industry – and certain industries in Chile have already shown strong demand for IoT:

    • Fleet Management – IoT increases productivity and profitability of fleets with 24/7 visibility, automated control, and remote diagnostics for transportation and logistics companies.
    • Security & Home Automation – Security and automation providers leverage IoT to accelerate installs and increase service reliability, automate monitoring for rapid response times, and reduce costly truck rolls with remote diagnostics.
    • Retail & Point of Sale (PoS) – Retailers are capitalising on IoT to offer new services, reshape the customer experience and enter new markets.
    • Connected Health – IoT enables healthcare providers to deliver remote monitoring services which provide preventative, ongoing, and real-time monitoring of patients – anytime, anywhere.
    • Smart Metering – Energy and utilities companies can leverage IoT to provide smart metering services that optimise the flow of information, improve asset performance, and increase energy efficiency.

Entel’s customers will also benefit from the global scalability of Control Centre. Cisco Jasper partners with 33 global mobile operator groups representing more than 120 mobile operator networks worldwide. This means that when businesses are ready to scale their IoT services beyond Chile, they can easily do so.

“Entel Chile and Cisco Jasper are both focused on supporting innovative businesses that want to capitalise on IoT,” said Ken Laversin, head of Global Sales, IoT Cloud at Cisco Jasper. “Together with Entel, we are committed to enabling enterprises to bring IoT services to market rapidly and cost-effectively, while enabling them to scale as demand requires.”

SmarTone, Hong Kong’s telecommunications service provider, and Cisco have announced the launch of Internet of Things (IoT) services in Hong Kong. This partnership enables businesses in any industry to leverage the SmarTone mobile network and the Cisco Jasper managed connectivity platform, Control Centre, to deliver new services and increase revenue.

Real IoT drives real business results

IoT helps businesses meet the changing needs and expectations of their customers with new services, experiences and business models that deliver bottom line growth. This partnership between SmarTone and Cisco Jasper makes it simple for companies of any size to transform their businesses by offering connected services that enhance their customers’ experiences while enabling new revenue models.

“For more than 10 years we have been helping businesses across every industry automate the delivery of IoT services that have a direct impact on their bottom line,” said Ken Laversin, worldwide head of Sales, IoT Cloud at Cisco Jasper. “Today, more than 6,500 companies in over 100 countries use Cisco Jasper Control Centre to automate the connectivity management of their IoT devices around the world.

SmarTone’s leadership as a total service provider – including Cloud, Mobile, Fixed, ICT and IoT services – makes it an ideal partner to serve innovative businesses pursuing IoT in Hong Kong.”

Transforming businesses in every industry

Today, businesses in industries as varied as connected cars, manufacturing, retail, security, home automation, and smart cities – and everything in between – are realising the benefits of IoT. Global examples include:

    • Connected Cars – 23 of the world’s leading auto makers leverage the Cisco Jasper platform today for their connected car initiatives. One auto manufacturer cites that IoT services will drive $350 million in increased profit over the next three years.
    • Smart Cities – From intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to smart utilities, today’s smart cities rely on IoT. One smart utilities provider uses Cisco Jasper to enable cities to reduce the time spent managing smart watering meters by 75%, and has helped its customers save more than 79 million gallons (300 million liters) of water.
    • Industrial Manufacturing – IoT plays a critical role in increasing the efficiency and profitability of today’s factories. A leading global provider of industrial robots uses Cisco Jasper to monitor and proactively identify potential problems with its machines, so that robots are serviced before they can cause downtime. This has decreased downtime by 11%, saving its manufacturing customers tens of thousands of dollars per minute of downtime.

With today’s announcement, businesses throughout Hong Kong can reportedly take advantage of SmarTone’s mobile network and Cisco Jasper Control Centre to deliver IoT services of their own.

Daniel Leung, head of Business Markets at SmarTone

Cisco Jasper partners with 30+ mobile operator groups representing over 120 mobile networks worldwide, making it simple for those businesses to scale their IoT services to other countries as needed. Likewise, companies using the Cisco Jasper platform outside of Hong Kong can easily expand their connected services into the country via SmarTone.

The role of managed connectivity

The IoT business outcomes that are being achieved across industries worldwide are only possible through managed connectivity. By automating communication between people, things and systems, managed connectivity enables the secure, anytime, anywhere relationship businesses need to have with their customers.

“We are committed to helping our business customers take advantage of IoT to deliver real business results, and to achieve that we needed the best IoT connectivity management platform,” said Daniel Leung, head of Business Markets at SmarTone. “Cisco Jasper is the global leader in IoT platforms, and this partnership makes it simple for all businesses to capture their share of the IoT market by delivering new connected services.”

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