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Optimise the Software Supply Chain for IoT Success

Optimise the Software Supply Chain for IoT Success

Posted by IoT Now MagazineFebruary 6, 2017

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As IoT solutions evolve and grow, producers need to be able to adapt to changing requirements quickly, keep software-based solutions stable and secure and make it easy for customers to consume their solutions and derive value from them.

Today, many IoT solutions providers still have disjointed processes within their software supply chain which results in an inconsistent user experience and makes it hard to deliver updates and patches quickly. This often ends with unhappy customers that question the value or – even worse – are exposed to security threats from software vulnerabilities.

An automated and optimised software supply chain reduces the attack surface for hackers, enables IoT providers to automate processes and makes is easy to move towards flexible monetisation models based on time, usage or outcome and therewith to recurring revenue and IoT success.

In this webinar, Matthew Dunkley will discuss how IoT providers can optimise their software supply chain and monetise and protect their IoT solutions.

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