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Voicebox Australia demos Voice Artificial Intelligence breakthrough

Voicebox Australia demos Voice Artificial Intelligence breakthrough

Posted by Zenobia HegdeFebruary 15, 2017

Voicebox, an established provider in the growing conversational voice market, demonstrated ground-breaking advances made by Voicebox Australia, its AI Center of Excellence partnership with Macquarie University, at the Macquarie Park Innovation District (MPID) Global Innovation Summit.

Voicebox is the provider of Contextual Natural Language Understanding and a pioneer of Voice Artificial Intelligence (VoiceAI). Voicebox is taking voice interfaces to the next generation by employing AI techniques in Semantic Language Understanding, data mining, Deep Neural Networks and machine learning.

Voicebox Australia is a partnership with Macquarie University, one of the few places in the world with research strengths across a broad range of language sciences. The pioneering use of semantic parsing with deep learning offsets the current approach’s need for ‘manual authoring’ of grammars and greatly simplifies ‘translating’ apps across languages. It also creates a truly conversational experience.

In what Voicebox calls Location Intelligence, people can ask questions the way they actually think about location: “Find that Japanese restaurant near the Chevron on Main St. and send the address to Mike;” “Turn off all the lights except in my bedroom.”

This capability will greatly enhance the usability of voice interfaces across all markets, particularly Automotive, Home, IoT and chatbots. Also, solutions can be built more easily and quickly.

“We’re thrilled with the early progress made by the Voicebox–Macquarie University partnership, under the capable leadership of Dr. Mark Johnson,” said Dr. Phil Cohen, Voicebox’s chief scientist, Artificial Intelligence. “We were proud to demonstrate this true innovation, semantic parsing with deep learning.”

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