How the Internet of Things is changing social media marketing

Yash Mehta, an IoT and Big Data Science expert

The Internet of Things (IoT) has already proven its vitality in the business and the economic world. IoT has touched almost every corner of the business world, says IoT writer Yash Mehta, and one such corner which is transformed by IoT in marketing is social media.

Today, marketers have identified a tremendous opportunity to promote their products as almost every person is connected to the internet and is active on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

One may say that social media marketing has been in practice for over a decade now, so what’s new in that? But then are you aware of the integration of IoT with social media marketing? And how IoT is transforming the way of social media marketing? Today, social media marketing isn’t how it used to be traditionally. IoT has added an edge to the same, expanding its scope to a larger extent.

Let’s have a look at the reason behind the popularity of social media marketing and how IoT has taken social media marketing to the next level.

Benefits of social media marketing

As you already know, social media offers a good platform to marketers to advertise their products and reach potential customers located at scattered geographical grounds. But apart from wider reach, social media marketing has much more to offer, such as:

Cost-effectiveness – Social media marketing is one of the fastest and lowest-cost paths to advertise your product among masses over the internet. Even if you go for paid marketing at social media platforms, it would offer value for money against the increase in traffic inbound to your website.

SEO supportive – One of the key element of search engine optimisation is visibility and activity of business on social media platforms. If a company is active on social media and is updating its website, then it is likely to boost its ranking and visibility on search engines and improve the website’s SEO.

Rise of varied range of consumers and big data

The trouble connecting with your customer will no longer persist with the creation of IoT applications in place. This resolves your issues of a cross-channel platform where you can showcase the channels that belong to you and other establishments. This will keep your interaction channel with your clients and customers easier and in the flow.

Marketers, of course, hold proper access to an exceptional amount of data. The information is usually about the customer’s interests but then with IoT, the massive data can be dwarfed by relevance. You will be given with which is feasible to analyse. Nowadays, marketers have a clear understanding of how meeting the customer’s interest on the available channels is important.

Equally important is analysing the required data. The IoT is expected to come up with a proliferation of certain devices that are connected. All these devices will pave more efficient ways to communicate with the customers and present effective places to pick data from. Clearly, this is a double-edged sword.

IoT has helped to redefine social media marketing strategy, turning it more focused on individual’s preferences and inclinations. This has made social media marketing more effective, efficient and well-equipped to achieve higher sales. However, as the technology is seamlessly taking positive drifts in recent days, IoT will become normal. In fact, it would be novel and exciting to see the innovative brands in action equal to the early adopters.

How is IoT revolutionising social media marketing?

As mentioned above, social media marketing is not the same way it used to be. With the integration of IoT, social media marketing has moved forward in leaps and bounds in comparison to its traditional form. IoT has added various features to social media marketing and now it is more personalised and accurate regarding what an individual is likely to prefer and make the purchases for. Following are the list of features that are added on an IoT integrated social media marketing platform:

Personalised – IoT integrated social media marketing is much more personalised than it used to be. If you notice your social media profile, the product advertisement you see matches your preference to a certain extent and you are likely to purchase or have made the purchase of goods similar to those in the past. Well, this is what IoT has transformed in social media marketing. Now, the ads are based on your past search and influenced by your previous purchase making it more personalised by your preferences and tastes.

Predictive analysis – Advertising is now more focused on your choice and preference. You would have surely noticed the recommendation of products on e-commerce websites like Snapdeal, Amazon, etc. Well, those recommendations are a result of well-structured analysis of IoT as it tracks and collects data on your past purchases and products that you searched for and later analyses it to identify your taste, preference and that’s how there are recommendations made for your next purchase.

IoT has helped to re-define social media marketing strategy turning it more focused on individual’s preferences and inclinations. This has made social media marketing more effective, efficient and well-equipped to achieve higher sales.

The author of this blog is Yash Mehta is an IoT and Big Data Science expert. He is an award-winning writer appearing in many publications.

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