Aeris expands Neo to help businesses with IoT connectivity

Aeris, has expanded its Neo™ by Aeris® service and streamlined the way businesses can access cellular connectivity that enables them to easily turn their unconnected products into connected devices.

Used by more than 400 customers, Neo is the industry’s first self-service IoT connectivity platform, dramatically reducing the time and cost of obtaining and operating connectivity and eliminating the hassle of working through traditional mobile network operator channels.

With Neo, businesses are not locked-in to a contract, do not pay a setup fee, and are not obligated to meet minimum volume commitments. Businesses pay only for data they use. Neo also provides businesses with data analytics that allows them to make better and informed decisions about their connected IoT devices.

Neo has been tailored specifically to work with IoT, helping reduce costs and improve operational efficiency when deploying and managing devices. With Neo’s ground-breaking self-serve connectivity management platform, businesses can easily activate subscriber identity modules SIMs, monitor activity, track usage and manage alerts.

Kody Betonte of Aeris

Neo includes SIMs operating on the Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) and 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) high-speed wireless data networks, enabling businesses to have immediate access to nationwide GSM and 4G LTE cellular coverage footprints for data and SMS connectivity.

GPS Safe of Riverview, Fla. is the largest provider of air conditioning security products in North America. The company uses Neo to provide IoT connectivity for anti-theft services for residential and commercial air conditioning units as well as heat pumps.

“Neo allows GPS Safe to couple the Internet of Things with our own technology to protect our clients against air conditioner theft at their residential and commercial properties,” said Bruce Banko, director of Emerging Technology, GPS Safe. “Our Scorpion air conditioner protection system is enabled by Neo and has given our clients a peace of mind they never had before. Neo has been instrumental in the success of our products.”

MedFolio of Burlingame, Calif. offers a medication management device known as the MedFolio Pillbox, which allows aging seniors and their caregivers to better manage medications at home. The Pillbox, enabled by Neo, provides medication reminders and tracks medication adherence in homes where little technology exists.

“Neo helps enable MedFolio to allow aging consumers to take their medication in a way they never could before,” said Julie Fulmer-Mason, president, MedFolio. “Our MedFolio Pillbox now offers the convenience of remote programming and accurately reporting medication adherence behavior in real-time, 24 hours per day and seven days a week.

Neo is especially helpful to those patients and caregivers who reside in rural areas of the United States and have access to cellular signal but don’t have access to wireless technology in the home. Neo is the easiest system to work with.”

“Aeris is the first Internet of Things provider to give businesses the ability to take unconnected products and turn them into connected services,” said Kody Betonte, director of Marketing, Aeris.

“Our customers have told us what they need to embrace high-usage IoT and machine-to-machine applications like video, remote programming, medication adherence and point-of-sale, in a way that is simpler, easier and faster, and we have done so by expanding our Neo service.”

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