Hampshire council encourages a new IoT network

A network of internet-connected devices that could allow businesses in East Hampshire, UK to hook up to vital information from around the district is being developed with the help of East Hampshire District Council (EHDC).

The council has been working with and supporting a Hampshire business which plans to launch an Internet of Things (IoT) network in the county.

The network will allow low-powered, long-life sensors to send information to businesses that will save thousands of pounds in monitoring and maintenance costs.

The information sent by the sensors will be picked up by a network of antennas across the county. The antennas are only 1.8 meters tall and 20 cm wide. Agreements have been made to place the antennas on public buildings to cover the whole county. One will be erected at EHDC’s headquarters in Penns Place, Petersfield.

The project is the brain-child of entrepreneur Alex Barter, of Barter for Things. He said the network can be used by almost any business that needs to track and measure data. “In simple terms, the network will let businesses place specially-designed sensors, to measure any information they need, anywhere in the district,” said Barter. “These sensors will then relay information back to the network which can then be accessed by the businesses.

Alex Barter, of Barter for Things

“Sensors can be designed to measure anything – air temperature, humidity, water levels or they can check the location of valuable equipment using GPS. Almost anything that can be measured. That will mean businesses can save time and money making regular visits to gather data manually or can be assured they know where their equipment is and that it is working OK.” Barter added, “This will have huge implications for businesses all round Hampshire and I want to thank EHDC for supporting me as I worked through the plan.”

As well as using Penns Place as a location for one of the network’s antennae, EHDC has supported Alex in getting the project off the ground. Councillor Ferris Cowper, EHDC leader, said: “Alex contacted our Economic and Commercial Development teams to ask for help in setting up the network. We immediately saw the huge potential of his idea. The network will bring economic benefits for businesses that use the network and those that design and create the sensors.

“East Hampshire District Council intends to be one of the most business-friendly councils in the country and so it’s vital we encourage local entrepreneurs like Alex and harness his knowledge of the technology and passion for the region.”

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