Amscreen expands IoT partnership with Vodafone UK to provide a ‘new view’ on city data

Amscreen, a European manufacturer of digital screens, has extended its partnership with Vodafone UK for Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity management.

The new 36-month agreement sees Amscreen expand its collaboration with Vodafone as it develops its smart cities solutions and explores the use of digital screen infrastructure to capture and analyse city information at street-level.

Working with Vodafone’s IoT team, Amscreen has already built a network of more than 12,000 connected interior and exterior media screens and kiosks across the globe. Its connected street infrastructure is used by media owners, retailers, local authorities and advertising companies.

The approach has transformed the out of home and instore advertising display model, moving it from a static and highly paper-based medium to a service-driven, dynamic digital channel.

Simon Sugar

The extended partnership sees Vodafone’s IoT connectivity management solutions continue to power Amscreen’s RDM™ screen monitoring technology and content analytics service. Amscreen is now looking at how its RDM service can provide deeper analysis on city information such as air quality, noise pollution, footfall and congestion at street-level.

The integration of smart city services within screen networks gives media owners the ability to add further value to their proposition as well as the potential to deliver local authorities invaluable real-time insight for the benefit of the local community.

Simon Sugar, Amscreen’s CEO commented, “Our connected street infrastructure has the potential to efficiently measure and analyse real-time data across urban areas – for the digital signage sector, this marks the advent of a new age in insight-driven screen display solutions.

Through our partnership with Vodafone, we’re looking to expand the benefits enabled by Internet of Things technology to bring tangible benefits to local authorities and the community.”

Phil Mottram

Phil Mottram, Enterprise director at Vodafone UK, commented, “Amscreen’s work is a great example of how Internet of Things technology supports continuous innovation and the development of new business models.

Using Vodafone’s IoT expertise, Amscreen has created new revenue streams and customer experiences for its media and retail partners, as well as new services that have the potential to benefit the wider population.

We have a long partnership with Amscreen’s innovative team and we are excited to be supporting its next phase of product development.”

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