Infiswift develops IoT solutions in China with United Electronics Co.

Infiswift, an enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider, has announced an exclusive partnership with IT conglomerate United Electronics Company (UEC) to integrate and deploy enterprise IoT solutions in China.

The partnership relies on the infiswift platform as a foundation for IoT solutions to be sold and integrated by UEC.

“UEC has built an extremely strong and trusted brand in China, and to be able to leverage that to bring a new, cutting-edge IoT solution like ours to market is very important,” said Arup Barat, CEO of infiswift. “Because UEC builds and manages much of the country’s IT infrastructure, the company can support rapid implementation of innovative IoT solutions for a broad range of its enterprise customers.”

Arup Barat

In the partnership, infiswift will provide the underlying platform technology and core, while UEC sells and integrates the projects in the region leveraging its IT infrastructure, technical support and market expertise. Infiswift’s platform enables end-to-end connected solutions with world-class security and scalability.

Its lightweight design and extremely efficient operation makes it ideal for intermittently connected and power deficient environments that require real-time operation, such as those commonly found in the energy, agriculture, water and manufacturing industries. Use cases for customers range from asset monitoring and management to operations automation.

“We are anticipating a major shift toward more distributed systems and IoT technologies, and so working with the best in the business from a technical perspective will give us a major advantage over competitors,” said Donghui Wang, UEC chairman.

Sarva Thulasingam

“Because of its deep understanding in building large scale distributed software platforms, there’s no one better to power the IoT solutions we’ll deploy than infiswift, who will also lend expertise through the entire integration process from hardware selection to application development.”

Several solutions are expected be co-deployed with pre-selected customers in 2017. The first projects will look to achieve unparalleled improvement in asset utilisation and efficiency by providing the right actionable information at the right time. These custom implementations will provide a roadmap for solution development in the region.

“Getting data analysed and visualised in real-time for the right person requires deep expertise that this partnership brings together,” said Sarva Thulasingam, CTO at infiswift. “We are looking forward to delivering cost-effective solutions together with UEC to give early customers in the China market that edge over competitors.”

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