Orange launches its new smart home security service in Spain

As part of its commitment to the Smart Home, Orange has reached an agreement with Tyco, a security systems specialist, for the development of a new security service for the home, called “Smart Security”.

Orange Spain will be the first country within the Orange group to launch a service of this nature within a new business line dedicated to the Smart Home and Connected Objects. In a second phase, the company will increase its activity in the domestic sphere with new proposals around the energy saving and efficiency, automation and management of lights, appliances, and teleassistance, for example.

According to an internal survey, more than 40% of households which already have services with Orange are interested in new services related to the Smart Home. Nevertheless, only 8% already have a subscription with a security service, as customers are demanding a competitive offer with more affordable prices than those currently offered by the best known providers in the market.

In order to meet this demand from its customers, the company, in collaboration with Tyco, has developed a service in which the smartphone will be the key element to control and manage the household, anytime, anywhere, easily and simply. The service also includes connection to Tyco’s Monitoring Centre which guarantees both the monitoring and immediate care by a highly professional team, and 24h connection with the police – providing a security level without comparison for this type of solution.

“Smart Security” is an innovative solution which is adapted to the needs and requests of the security systems of the vast majority of households in Spain. It is the most complete and economical offer on the Spanish market, exclusive to Orange customers, which will enable people to develop their experience and new usage habits of the Smart Home.

Claims to be ‘most complete’ smart home security solution

The offer is based on a security solution “Smart Security”, for €29,95 (US$ 3247.96) per month (VAT included), which consists of a state-of-the-art central panel that will allow a secure wireless connection with the sensors. Therefore, it guarantees both the availability and the quality of the service, even in the case of scenarios such as sabotage attempts through communication disturbances, jamming or power cuts.

The rest of the security equipment is integrated by a motion sensor, a PIR Cam and a keypad. It also includes door / window sensors that allow the user to create scenarios to protect the household or to find out what is happening even when the customers is within the home.

The central panel allows for the connection of other wireless devices that complement the experience via video cameras and, in the future, plugs, thermostats, lights and other sensors to allow the customer to control their Smart Home. All this could be controlled from their smartphone thanks to a single application, in an easy and simple way, integrating all the possible components of the service.

The “Smart Security” service can be complemented with additional motion detectors for just €2,99 /month (US$ 324.25) (VAT included). It is also possible to add an IP video Camera with HD quality. The video camera, connected to the system, allows customers to watch live and/or record at any time, either on demand or based on predefined scenarios, what is happening at the customer’s home. Besides that, the customer could buy a remote control to comfortably manage the service without any need to use the keypad.

The agreement with Tyco allows the customer to benefit from state-of-the-art equipment with a single purchase of €99 (US$ 107.36) for the professional installation and service activation. This is a significant saving for customers, even compared with the best promotional offers from the usual providers of alarm systems on the Spanish market.

The installation of this equipment is fully professional, connected via radio thanks to specific high-security connectivity protocols, and continually remotely monitored in order to avoid any attack or hacking attempts and to check that is always perfectly running.

Professional guarantee against any event

From the “Smart Security” mobile app, the user will be able to arm and disarm the security system of their home at any time and from everywhere; check the status; receive alerts; or press the SOS button to call the Monitoring Centre to react, following the strictest protocols, and alert the police if necessary. All this with 24h availability and the guarantee of receiving an immediate answer when the alarm is triggered or there is an intrusion.

As the world’s largest company dedicated to security and fire protection, Tyco brings to this service the added quality guarantee of a provider with well-proven experience in the industry. Tyco guarantees the maximum equipment quality and provides the connectivity with its Monitoring Centre, whose effectiveness is five times better than the industry average, with complete privacy for the user and with remote technical assistance in case of incident that guarantees a continuous and reliable operation.

The system also includes cameras that the customer can control from their smartphone in order to know, when absent, what is happening at their home. Thanks to the quality of the Orange’s network connectivity, unlike other offers in the market, “Smart Security” guarantees the sending of images and videos also via the fixed network, in case of jamming of the mobile network.

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