Netcracker 12 unveiled as a single platform to help CSPs speed adoption of 5G, IoT, biometrics and AI

Netcracker Technology announced the launch of Netcracker 12, a technology platform with a product suite designed to help service providers accelerate digitalisation and operationalise virtual and cloud infrastructure at scale.

Netcracker 12 provides an integrated platform with two- speed architecture and agility layers to drive rapid digital customer engagement, while optimising the digital business and operational domains.

Service providers worldwide face rising customer expectations and revenue pressures as a result of competition from over-the-top (OTT) providers offering a diversity of rich media content and applications. The consumer need for personalised offers, intuitive self-service and consistent experience across all channels with flexible payment options is forcing service providers to re-evaluate their engagement models, services portfolios and how they manage the customer journey.

At the same time, service providers recognise that they must move up the value chain in the B2B market to support their enterprise customers’ digital aspirations, to expand into more SaaS-based offerings and to achieve greater profitability. Netcracker 12 is designed specifically to help service providers address these evolving challenges.

The enhanced Netcracker 12 product portfolio aligns to the business, operational and infrastructure needs of digital service providers.

The Netcracker 12 product domains include:

    • Digital customer enablement – which leverages a multispeed architecture and advanced analytics to enable a seamless, omnichannel customer journey and experience. It provides a comprehensive application and partner ecosystem and comprises Customer Channel Management, Sales & Marketing Management, Customer Journey Management and E-Commerce & Marketplace
    • Digital business enablement – which transforms legacy customer, partner and revenue management IT environments into cloud-based, flexible, cost-efficient and digitally enabled business systems. It comprises Customer & Partner Management, Revenue Management and Product Management
    • Digital operations enablement – which helps service providers rapidly create and deliver new digital, virtualised, cloud and value-added services over hybrid networks. This layer comprises Hybrid Service and Resource Management, Infrastructure Management, NFV Management & Orchestration and SDN Controllers.
    • Digital & cloud infrastructure, which consists of a range of value-added virtual network functions (VNFs) to help service providers monetise their investments in virtual infrastructure. It comprises Customer-Edge VNFs, Core VNFs, Value-Added VNFs, as well as Data Centre & NFVI and IoT & M2M
    • Advanced analytics – which leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning and a range of analytics modules that can be applied to internal and external operations for greater insights. Its use case-based approach to profitability and agile operations helps maximise customer value and
    • Cloud platform – a microservices-based, cloud-native platform that acts as the foundation for all of Netcracker’s products and solutions. This cloud platform enables service providers to benefit from cloud economics, allowing them to start small and scale rapidly and operationalise a range of business and enterprise applications quickly at a lower cost. It can be deployed in private, public or hybrid clouds using a DevOps approach and
    • Business, operations & infrastructure agility layers – which consist of a comprehensive API ecosystem that enables Netcracker 12’s multispeed IT architecture. This allows service providers to accelerate the creation, onboarding and monetisation of new digital
Sanjay Mewada of Netcracker

An expanded portfolio of professional services complements the Netcracker 12 product suite. It is designed to ensure that Netcracker’s customers have the capabilities, support and guidance they need to manage the complexities of a multispeed IT architecture as they launch digital transformation and virtualisation initiatives.

The portfolio includes Business & Operational Consulting, End-to-End Turnkey Delivery, Support & Maintenance, Managed Services & End-to-End Outsourcing, Cloud Enablement and Agile Development & DevOps services.

“The continuous evolution of our product, service and solution suites represents our commitment to innovation in order to meet the constantly changing demands of our customers, who are transforming into digital service providers and virtualising at a rapid pace,” said Sanjay Mewada, chief strategy officer at Netcracker.

“Netcracker 12 provides that foundational platform with which service providers can compete successfully in the B2C market, rapidly move up the B2B value chain and migrate to a cloud and virtualised infrastructure seamlessly, profiting from the savings and higher ROI of cloud economics.”

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