In it to win it: How to get a live IoT in 4 days

Shahar Peleg of Axonize

This is part 2 of our 3 part “in it to win it” series, the series covers system integrators role in IoT and why and how they can win more IoT projects.

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There are 3 important ideas encapsulated in our very short blog post title:

    • First, is the idea that there is a live IoT project worthwhile achieving in a very short time frame. We’ll explain why.
    • Second is that it’s possible to get to an operational project in a short time frame and with minimal resources.
    • The third is that it’s important for system integrators to get to off to a running start

For those of you who don’t like to read, that was your tl;dr, you can jump straight down to the end to subscribe to the blog or schedule a demo, says Shahar Peleg, VP Marketing and Product at Axonize.

We wrote a little bit in part 1 about how designing and planning an IoT project can get overwhelming. Let me share an example.

We were recently working with growers interested in monitoring their greenhouse. The agronomists wanted to monitor temperature, humidity, pH, wind, water level, calcium and the list goes on. In addition they want to control the motor, valve, pumps and other physical equipment.

The business logic is complex with so many variables, and the dashboards too. Everything they asked for is possible (on our platform at least) and even the actual configuration timeline isn’t long. However, for the integrator, what is taking a long time is finding all of the sensors, testing them, working with the agronomists on all the business logic and alerts. Before platform configuration even starts.

In this scenario, we’re talking about a long timeline, multiple users and workflow considerations and a not insignificant budget.

Wouldn’t it be better if we could identify the 1-2 sensors that would have the maximum impact on the project? If they happen to be easy to find, like temp and humidity, we could have a minimal ‘PoC’ type project running and providing value within days. How much easier would it be to keep building on a running app?

Almost everyone we talk to has a grand IoT vision, and we’re 100% on board. All we’re saying is start fast and start small. Have a small application up and running before anyone gets dizzy from the proposal numbers and while everyone still thinks this IoT stuff is great. Can we call it agile IoT?

Now comes the part where we talk about our platform, because that’s the only way to explain how to get to a live project in 4 days (and still be ready for the grand IoT vision).

The key to speed of development is configurability. Can you set up a project, even with limited scale using absolutely no professional services or DevOps? Many of the IoT platforms talk about code-less but when we talk to their customers we find the reality is an open tab to the professional services division. ⅓ of our dev team is UX and frontend, we make it dead simple to get to that working project on your own and fast.

The other key is compatibility with any sensors in any protocol. Sure you can connect a sensor or 2, set up some basic business logic. But that’s just the stepping stone to the next sensor or rule. You have to be able to get to the grand vision in the end. We’re completely sensor-protocol-connectivity agnostic. Anything goes.

So is 4 days a real number?

If you already know which sensors you’re going to use, getting to a live IoT project that provides real value to the customer within 4 days is dead simple on our platform. We’re in it to win it!

The author of this blog is Shahar Peleg, VP Marketing and Product at Axonize

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