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What is this ‘GDPR’ I keep hearing about and how does it affect me?

What is this ‘GDPR’ I keep hearing about and how does it affect me?

Posted by Zenobia HegdeMay 22, 2017

A lot has been written and said lately about GDPR, not least of all by VanillaPlus. (See: GDPR compliance: We need to comply but where to begin? and More than half of companies in data protection survey will be affected by GDPR, but 5% don’t know what it is.

In case your compliance people have been hiding under a rock somewhere when they should have been sharing this with you, these are the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulations.

For many of us who really need to know, it seems there are still as many questions as answers. Which is why, says Jeremy Cowan, you may be interested in a 12-page PDF called the Cordery GDPR Navigator. Who is Cordery?

The answer is a London-based firm specialising in advice and solutions for legal compliance. It provides ways of helping General Counsel, compliance professionals and heads of legal across numerous industries to manage their regulatory compliance.

The EU changed its data protection rules in April 2016 and these rules will apply fully with effect from May 25, 2018. As Cordery says, “The General Data Protection Regulations go well beyond an upgrade. For all businesses, there is now plenty to be done. Many deals being done now are likely to be governed by the new regime. Good planning from now will pay off to meet the eventual major compliance impact.”

A series of frequently asked questions (FAQs) aim to help with that process. They cover questions such as:

    • What new rules will there be?
    • My business is not in the EU so will these rules still affect me?
    • Will I have to register with a regulator?
    • Will I have to make privacy an integral compliance element in my business?
    • Will consent be required for data processing?
    • Will I need to appoint a data protection officer?
    • When will I have to report data breaches?
    • What kind of fines can my business face for breaching the rules?

These and other questions are answered in the document. Click here for more information on the GDPR Navigator tool.

To see a video on GDPR compliance, click here.

The author of this article is Jeremy Cowan, editorial director & publisher of IoT Now, IoT Global Network, and VanillaPlus.

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