PwC Canada and Sierra Wireless partner to reach North American corporate IoT customers

Sierra Wireless, a provider of fully integrated device-to-cloud solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), announced that it has entered into a joint business relationship with PwC Canada to help enterprises around the world develop and launch transformative IoT services and new business models.

The IoT is creating new service-oriented opportunities, driving organisations to modernise so they can capitalise on growing amounts of IoT data and provide an enhanced customer experience. According to PwC Canada’s 2017 Global Digital IQ® Survey, 73% of organisations are making substantial investments in the IoT.

The implementation of IoT solutions is very complex; many projects lack a clear definition of use case, face significant delays, go over budget or fail to launch all together. Together, Sierra Wireless and PWC Canada can advise enterprises on IoT transformation best practices and technologies, from articulating the value proposition and building the business case, through to implementation.

“Sierra Wireless has helped thousands of companies, large and small, to join the IoT,” said René Link, CMO & SVP Corporate Strategy, Sierra Wireless. “IoT transformation can be a very complex process, and the combined expertise of Sierra Wireless and PwC Canada will ensure the right technology and business insights drive successful IoT implementations.”

IoT Now asked Link, “How should the Internet of Things ‘industry’ reach more corporate end users?”

“That’s where trusted partnerships with the likes of PwC Canada come in. Access to the C-suite (chief executive officers, chief technology officers, etc. Ed.) is vital. They can open doors that we don’t have access to. In return, we can help CxOs envision what IoT can do for them. We are a channel for each other,” Link maintained.

“It’s also important to pitch technology AND business. Technology pitches mean the CEO will transfer it straight to the CTO; you need to talk both languages. I feel that IoT is an incredible wave, similar to the start of mobile communications. When you put together the three pieces, Device, Cloud and Connectivity, if you execute flawlessly in a cohesive value proposition then you have something magical,” Link concluded.

(To read the full Interview go to: PwC deal extends Sierra Wireless’ reach into North American industrial C-suites in search of IoT ‘magic’.)

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