Could your IoT solution survive on Silk Road 4.0? Submit your ideas now

Regular readers will remember our exclusive article on the madcap, multinational, multilingual scheme to ride deep into the heart of China along the old Silk Road. (See: Two motorcycles, 10,000 km along Silk Road 4.0, the Internet of Things … and you?) Well, now it’s getting serious, says Jeremy Cowan.

And what’s more, it’s time for you and your Internet of Things (IoT) to get involved.

The organisers say, “One of our main preparational activities is to identify exciting European technologies that we might use during our travels. We are calling for companies, academia, start-ups and innovative individuals to tell us about their inventions.”

In Spring 2018, the Silk Road will carry two motorcycles bearing explorers Dr Philipe Reinisch and Lena Otter. The two will leave Austria bound for China, travelling for six months on a 10,000-kilometre route through Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan to China. Their destination is more finalised than their exact route – it’s Eurasia’s “Pole of Inaccessibility”, the farthest location from the sea.

Their project, called “Silkroad 4.0”, aims to revive the ancient spirit of cultural and trade exchange by focusing on technology transfer and cooperation in Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. They see it as the next opportunity for rapid development of countries along the route.


Sound interesting to you? Well, you can show your support for the Silkroad 4.0 team by offering your IoT application for use on the trip by the organisers. You can also engage with them through their social media profiles (Twitter: @silkroad_40 and Facebook: /silkroad40) or, for those interested in extra details, subscribing to their newsletter.

Objectives of the European Pre-Tour in 2017

  1. Promote a joint EU approach concerning IoT and Industry 4.0
  2. Integration Test of IoT devices in an operational environment of a road-trip
  3. Interview EU & national Industry 4.0 Leaders, organisations and ministries, as well as European IoT Experts
  4. Promote and raise awareness on the main Silkroad 4.0 China trip

IoT Now is reporting on Silkroad 4.0’s travels, adventures, IoT technologies, and connections with industry and academia.

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