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Capula and COPA-DATA collaborate to keep the lights on

Capula and COPA-DATA collaborate to keep the lights on

Posted by Zenobia HegdeAugust 7, 2017

Case Study: Capula collaborates with technology providers that offer the best products for the industry. Working only with businesses that produce transformative and reliable systems, software and service solutions.

To meet the evolving needs of its clients in the Energy market – particularly those expressing preference for commercial off-the-shelf products – Capula sought to upgrade its existing substation control system.

Capula needed a highly flexible HMI solution to replace its internally developed Commander software. Designed in the early 2000s, the software could complete the tasks for which it was designed, but updates were required. Capula’s alternative solution, GE Powerlink, was also in need of an update so the company chose to explore the HMI/SCADA market.

Specifications for the new system included requests for inbuilt DNP and IEC 61850 drivers. Other software options didn’t include these features and relied on third party drivers, causing concern about future support issues.

As zenon incorporates inbuilt drivers, such as the IEC 61850 driver that has the certification for use in a number of areas, preconfigured by COPA-DATA’s team of software engineers, Capula’s decision was simple. The software also supports automated configuration, which was key for Capula’s delivery methods.

Introducing zenon Energy Edition

The team of SCADA experts at Capula’s Transmission and Distribution business unit undertook two training courses covering the intricacies of zenon and zenon Energy Edition. This enabled Capula to roll out the same software solution over 65 sites with ease, as well as confidently provide customers with single-day familiarity training that received positive feedback.

zenon’s flexibility allows Capula to implement it widely across the Energy sector, as part of its Imperium substation control system, zenon is used in and at power station and wind farm applications and also for electrical distribution. For the National Grid type-registered solution, the Capula team utilised zenon’s powerful web client functionality alongside zenon’s interface to remotely complete a range of complex tasks, without unnecessary and laborious programming.

Mark Hardy

Mark Hardy

Equipped with progressive technical features like Historian, Extended Trend, web client and IEC 61850 client and master, zenon has enabled Capula to support its existing customers better, win new tenders, and expand its product and solution portfolio.

Forming a partnership in automation

zenon is now an integral asset in Capula’s offering to the transmission industry. Capula and COPA-DATA UK aim to capitalise on this success and deliver strong solutions to various niches of the Energy market. Being a COPA-DATA Partner validates Capula’s track record of providing quality solutions and demonstrates its ability to collaboratively adapt to future requirements and employ new technical breakthroughs.

“Working with COPA-DATA has been a positive experience,” explained Mark Hardy, managing director of Capula Ltd. “There is an excellent flow of information and we know we can rely on the team at COPA-DATA UK to fully support Capula.

“COPA-DATA support us well by swiftly resolving any matters that arise. Along with the merits of zenon, this ensures a positive experience for our clients and allows us to meet, and sometimes exceed, their exacting requirements.”

The energy industry in highly developed nations is in a unique situation, where the technology available to it is much more advanced than the infrastructure the industry is based on. However, to ensure maximum efficiency from this ageing infrastructure, investing in software is essential.

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