Amscreen utilises Vodafone IoT to power insight-driven media solutions

UK based out-of-home screen solutions provider builds network of 15,000 insight driven digital displays to transform the outdoor advertising landscape.

What place is there for blanket, out-of-home advertising in a world where mobile users are sent tailored advertising direct to their social media stream?

Plenty. Out-of-home advertising is still a favourite way to reach huge numbers of people out and about. When it comes to today’s modern media channels, consumers are now able to block online ads or skip TV ad breaks. It is tough to avoid a digital billboard on a bus shelter.

Amscreen is a specialist in delivering wireless, real-time digital signage. The UK based company is an established global leader in the sector and works with leading outdoor media owners across Europe. Amscreen products play host to informative consumer content as well as advertising from the likes of Coca-Cola to local retailers.

A key mission for Amscreen is to ensure all its screens are always working to deliver content easily and efficiently at the right moment and location. “Our screens must allow our customers to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time,” says Simon Sugar, the chief executive of Amscreen. “But, as the market expands rapidly, we need to be able to monitor this global estate from a single position in realtime.”

The solution

Amscreen developed its own Remote Device Monitoring platform (RDM) to monitor, manage and control each screen either independently or at a scale. Each display features round 250 sensory data points, allowing Amscreen to check a range of conditions, from humidity, temperature, back-lighting and content play-out, ensuring screen up-time is maximised.

Each screen is then connected via the Vodafone IoT platform and a MachineLink 4G router. This connectivity enables each screen to transmit realtime data, and allows Amscreen to manage screens remotely. The Vodafone IoT platform delivers the scale and flexibility necessary for Amscreen to grow its business internationally, at its own pace. It also provides the price consistency to underpin expansion, both in the UK and overseas. “Vodafone has the global infrastructure, coverage and quality of service we require,” says Sugar. “It delivers reliable and secure data to our central management system.”

The benefit

Working with the Vodafone IoT team, Amscreen has already built a network of more than 15,000 connected interior and exterior media screens and kiosks across the globe. Its connected street infrastructure is used by media owners, retailers, local authorities and advertising companies. The approach has transformed the out-of-home and in-store advertising display model, moving it from a static and highly paper-based medium to a service-driven, dynamic digital channel.

The partnership sees Vodafone IoT solutions continue to power the Amscreen RDM screen monitoring technology and content analytics service. Amscreen is now looking at how its RDM service can provide deeper analysis on city information such as air quality, noise pollution, footfall and congestion at street level. The integration of smart city services within screen networks gives media owners the ability to add further value to their proposition as well as the potential to deliver local authorities invaluable real-time insight for the benefit of the local community.

“This marks the advent of a new age in insightdriven screen display solutions,” says Sugar. “Through our partnership with Vodafone, we’re looking to expand the benefits enabled by Internet of Things technology to bring tangible benefits to local authorities and the community.”

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