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Tunstall brings quality of life and safety to elderly care with Tele2 IoT solution

Tunstall brings quality of life and safety to elderly care with Tele2 IoT solution

Posted by IoT Now MagazineAugust 23, 2017

Tunstall, a provider of telehealthcare, wanted to create high-quality care services enabled by IoT, ensuring peace of mind for elderly people and their families. Together with Tele2 IoT, the company has developed an offering that incorporates always-available IoT connectivity, local roaming and a connectivity management portal, providing a holistic overview of the whole deployment. With these innovations, Tunstall AB has seen an increase of 15% in customer satisfaction.

Tunstall Healthcare Group is a leading provider of telehealth solutions for elderly people. Founded in Yorkshire, UK, in 1957, it now operates in more than 50 countries, supporting more than 3.6 million people worldwide. Recognising that aging populations in developed regions of the world are living more active and independent lifestyles, Tunstall wanted to offer high-availability inhome monitoring and care solutions. This gives patients an opportunity to live a full and safe life as well as ensure peace of mind for their families.

That is why it was highly important for Tunstall AB to find an experienced IoT solution provider, which can ensure highly reliable connectivity, full visibility of the whole deployment, a flexible approach, as well as exceptional customer service are provided. With these aims in mind, the company approached Tele2 IoT.

Tele2 IoT provides the tools

To make sure the Tunstall solution works exceptionally well at all times, Tele2 IoT provided it with SIM cards, a connectivity management platform and set up a local roaming solution, which ensures the best connectivity available at the time. Tunstall was particularly impressed with the Tele2 IoT 2CONTROL connectivity management platform, based on Cisco Jasper Control Center, which gave Tunstall visibility into all of its IoT devices. Now, if there is a problem with a monitoring alarm or video device, Tunstall can identify the problem itself and resolve issues.

“We can do much of the trouble identification by ourselves. Resolving issues more quickly allows Tunstall to be better to our customers,” says a Tunstall Sweden representative.

Tunstall assessed the market carefully before choosing its IoT partner, but as Skogh adds: “The Tele2 IoT solution is the best in the market, because of the whole package they delivered to us and the competitive pricing. They always managed to find the best solutions for us.”

Elderly care solution increases customer satisfaction 15%

Tunstall prides itself on providing a high-quality, affordable monitoring solution to its elderly customers. After deploying the solution, Tunstall was excited to see a 15% rise in customer satisfaction among users who have witnessed the increased reliability of the solution. Tunstall and Tele2 IoT have a bright future together and the companies continue to automate service processes, adding new in-home hub devices and increasing the number of elderly healthcare applications, and making the world a better place for senior citizens.

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