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Myriad launches Thingstream a global IoT connectivity platform built on USSD messaging

Myriad launches Thingstream a global IoT connectivity platform built on USSD messaging

Posted by Zenobia HegdeSeptember 11, 2017

Myriad Group AG has launched Thingstream, a unique global M2M connectivity proposition that delivers true ubiquity, security and better connectivity for IoT applications via the world’s first global IoT connectivity platform.

The global M2M platform offers a ubiquitous solution for a broad range of IoT applications; ideally suited to devices which move, are in remote locations or need to be super secure before connected to the cloud. Thingstream’s solution leverages Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), universally available via Thingstream’s global roaming M2M SIM.

The company believes that the IoT options for industrial applications are too complex, expensive and fail to offer the required level of connectivity.

Neil Hamilton, VP of Business Development at Myriad explained: “To date, a typical solution for asset tracking typically involves cellular data, this by default requires not just a suitable roaming carrier partner who can match the enterprises footprint, but also means a device needs to support TCP/IP in order to communicate.

Our connectivity approach is to literally remove the ‘internet’ aspect whilst still allowing small, secure payloads to be delivered to the cloud environment. Our approach leverages USSD messaging which not only removes complexities around carrier roaming but, importantly reduces the processing and power consumption required by the transmitting device itself.“

Neil Hamilton

“The global ubiquity of USSD technology makes it the ideal small data transport for remote control IoT applications” continued Hamilton. “We want to enable simple, secure connections for industrial IoT applications with Thingstream, addressing both technical and commercial challenges associated with connecting remote, moving and roaming devices to networks.”

USSD offers a low power global area network, accessible anywhere with a GSM connection. The GSMA states that just 20% of the globe’s population are unable to access basic GSM mobile services, with this number continuing to shrink. USSD therefore offers the single widest access service for connected devices.

The platform’s innovative status has already been recognised, receiving the 2017 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award.

Thingstream’s technology is being applied to vertical sectors including, asset tracking, logistics/supply chain, facilities management, energy and environmental monitoring. The company is working on a number of opportunities and partnerships, with the aim of increasing access to IoT connectivity.

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