Fashion retailer KIABI zips into SOTI to manage mobile inventory control, stock transfers and deliveries

Fashion retailer KIABI has announced that its technology partnership with SOTI, a provider of mobile and IoT device management solutions, is now ‘runway-ready’. The provider of ‘ready to wear’ clothing in France, signed up to use SOTI’s integrated mobility platform, which is claimed to have been making inroads with fashion retailers globally.

KIABI uses mobile technology across its stores for inventory control, stock transfers and delivery processing. The company reportedly chose SOTI for the scalability of its technology, as it brings on over 100 new products every week in stores.

KIABI opened its first store in 1978 in Roncq, France and now, 30 years later, the company operates more than 500 stores in 14 countries, including Spain, Italy, Russia and Morocco. The retailer also includes a successful online business,, which has sold to over 20 million online shoppers in 39 countries around the globe.

“The introduction of SOTI MobiControl has transformed the way in which we operate. We no longer have to rely on third-party organisations, and the speed and efficiency it has brought to our operations has been a gamechanger,” said Fabrice Mulier, device manager, KIABI.

“SOTI provides a 360 degree view of mobility management across our entire retail value chain. By streamlining retail operations, protecting regulated data, and empowering our employees to keep pace with the growth of our business, the technology is unmatched,” continued Mulier.

“KIABI was increasingly frustrated with how long simple changes were taking with their third-party solution provider —it was time for a change,” said Carl Rodrigues, president & CEO, SOTI.

KIABI decided to upgrade its systems to Unitech PA700 smartphones for their bigger screens, faster processors and ability to run custom Android applications. KIABI chose to work with SOTI as it wanted a new mobility management solution that offered flexible provisioning and app deployment, and a strong remote support capability to fix device problems for over 5000 new mobile devices KIABI chose to distribute globally across their operations.

“The strong multi-OS capabilities of SOTI MobiControl made the shift from their previous devices to Unitech PA700s extremely smooth,” Rodrigues confirmed.

SOTI delivers scalable solutions that grow with our expanding business

The change to SOTI MobiControl made our device upgrade effortless to manage, and made it very cost effective given the global scale of our business. Most importantly, SOTI MobiControl’s remote support became increasingly impressive as remote workers were familiarising themselves with the new mobile devices and everything that came along with it.

With over 500 stores globally, KIABI is now focused on new mobility projects within the coming year. Currently, the KIABI team is evaluating tablet computers to capture customer data to deliver a digital workspace for their loyalty programmes.

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