Orange launches ‘Live Booster’ programme to accelerate the adoption of cellular connectivity for object makers

As part of Orange’s Essentials2020 strategy to diversify and succeed in the field of connected objects, Orange announces the launch of a new programme to ease and accelerate the adoption of cellular connectivity for object makers. The ‘Live Booster’ programme will deliver a range of modules pre-packaged with cellular connectivity and distributed through a single global distributor to address the current complexity of integrating cellular connectivity facing object makers today.

The programme sees the launch of a new type of module for the market, combining an integrated SIM card with pre-paid data bundle to provide an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution for object makers to benefit from secure and reliable connectivity that cellular technology can provide across wide geographical areas. A range of modules will be launched across 2017 and 2018 that will address various cellular technologies, beginning with 2G and shortly followed by LTE-M.

Orange and EBV Elektronik combine strengths to deliver first module to market

The partnership, signed by Orange Wholesale France, will combine Orange’s expertise in cellular connectivity and EBV Elektronik’s know-how on the electronic market to deliver the first integrated IoT module to the market from the Live Booster programme.

The innovative 2G connected module, named Heracles, will provide a simple and cost-effective way to access cellular connectivity across 33 countries in Europe. By pre-integrating the connectivity at the electronic design stage, and making it available through a single distributor, the process is greatly simplified for object makers.

The connected module is also a cost-effective solution for object makers with no recurrent or additional fees. Orange is combining tailored pre-defined 2G data bundles to address a large number of IoT applications. Certified by Orange, the solution will deliver four sizes of ‘off the shelf’ pre-paid data plans, starting at 10MB to cover objects for the lifetime or long-term usage of their object.

The solution, distributed exclusively by EBV Elektronik in Europe, is available from September to any manufacturer of connected objects from start-ups to major companies. With its compact size of 15.8 x 17.8 x 2.4mm, the module is ideal for ultra-small designs and suitable for a range of IoT use-cases from automotive, tracking, metreing, industrial and wearables, both indoor and outdoor. The complete quad-band GSM/GPRS module also offers a best-in-class low power ‘System on Chip’ (SoC) addressing object makers’ requirements for low-power solutions.

Yves Maitre, executive vice president, Connected Objects and Partnerships at Orange, commented, “Orange recognises the multiple obstacles that object manufacturers face today to get their products to market. As a long-standing champion of cellular connectivity in the IoT market we are driven to break-down these barriers. By embedding cellular connectivity from the outset and making the pricing simple and attractive we hope to deliver a much-needed boost to the market.

“Our long-standing partnership approach sees us partnering with a leader in the field of electronics. With EBV Elektronik’s know-how in electronics and Orange’s expertise in cellular, we are confident we can successfully address the needs of object makers with this ground-breaking solution.”

Dr. Eckart Voskamp, director Product Innovations, EBV Elektronik, explained: “The combination of the best-in-class hardware module with Orange’s very innovative IoT connectivity solution will enable our customers to bring their products much faster to market.

“With the certified and pre-paid Heracles module, the manufacturers can focus on their applications and don’t have to deal with any connectivity setup.”

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