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The Motor Car Group boosts customer retention in Eastern Europe with BrightBox’s connected car platform

The Motor Car Group boosts customer retention in Eastern Europe with BrightBox’s connected car platform

Posted by Zenobia HegdeSeptember 22, 2017

Bright Box, the European provider of the Remoto Connected Car platform for OEMs and Customer Retention Solution for dealerships, has equipped the Motor Car Group with a mobile communication platform for dealerships and OEMs that helps them interact with car owners via a mobile app.

The Motor Car Group is one of the largest dealerships in Eastern Europe that offers vehicles from 12 brand names (including Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Jeep, Honda, KIA, Opel, Hyundai, Toyota) via 46 dealer sites and via the mobile platform powered by Bright Box. In 2016 the Motor Car Group chose Bright Box to provide its excellent service features and innovative communication channel for users.

“Thanks to the customer retention services, Motor Car Group customers now have a new communication channel with the dealer. Today, the application allows you to follow up on the latest news and promotions, instantly contact the dealer regarding any problems, sign up for services and and maintenance, test-drive at a convenient time, or receive personalised offers from dealerships.

The release of the mobile app has increased the service revenue by an average of 20-30%. The mobile platform from Bright Box has become one of the main channels of communication between auto dealers and their customers,” says Robert Schuessler, Connected Car VP Bright Box Europe.

“In the first couple of months we had about 7,000 downloads of the new mobile app and users were very proactive. A new innovative communication channel has also allowed us to develop business processes such as rating service managers and sales managers. If you have the app installed you will be asked via push notification on your phone to rate your satisfaction of the level of service once it is completed.

So the service managers are rated and this is published in the customer retention system powered by Bright Box. This is also used internally for the improvement of business processes and as a motivation tool for all employees”, says Josef Balik, CIO of the Motor Car Group.

The Motor Car Group decided to choose Bright Box as their provider of future Connected Car solutions. By the end of this year, Bright Box delivers a turnkey connected car platform – Remoto. It comprises a certified OBD dongles to be installed in the vehicles, a web-based control panel and a customer app for contact with dealers.

Сonnected Car platform Remoto will be deployed in 4000 cars per year regarding the plan. The solution allows the Motor Car Group to vehicle health check and make remote diagnostics for their customers. Combined with the Customer Retention Solution, this will create a unique platform with aggregated customer information and car information for dealerships.

Customer Retention products from Bright Box based on cutting-edge technologies by Microsoft. Bright Box requires the app to be online 24×7, all over the world, with minimal downtime. Microsoft Azure is seen as a secure, highly compliant, development platform for Open Source software, a secure repository for storing sensitive data, well protected by Microsoft and respected in the industry.

The Motor Car Group also use Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Incadea solutions for their global dealership management. In the future, users will book a service directly in the Incadea workshop planning tool, and they will see which free slots are available. The Incadea database will sync directly with the app and Microsoft database. It’s a seamless integration between the Bright Box customer retention solution, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Incadea.

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