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Open source and standards – The path towards 5G and the Internet of Things

Open source and standards – The path towards 5G and the Internet of Things

Posted by Zenobia HegdeNovember 23, 2017

Following the success of last year’s event, the 2nd workshop “Open Source and Standards – The Path Towards 5G and the Internet of Things”, jointly organised by NGMN and the ITU, took place on 1st November 2017 in Bellevue (Seattle), Washington, USA. The workshop was hosted by Microsoft and co-organised by the IPR Plenary of the NGMN Alliance and the International Telecommunication Union.

Bringing together key representatives of a wide range of industry, including standards bodies, open source communities and academia, the discussions focused on how best standard-setting organisations and open source communities can capitalise upon each other’s deliverables and expertise for building a consistent and coherent 5G eco-system. With more than 100 participants, the workshop discussed how diverse stakeholders can rely on the respective strengths and development models to place a broad range of industries in a strong position to achieve the common vision for 5G and beyond.

Peter Meissner, CEO of the NGMN Alliance commented: “The NGMN Alliance co-sponsored, welcomed and appreciated this second Joint Workshop on Open Source and Standards as a place where the views and experiences of the Open Source Communities, the Standards Development Organisations and the broad ICT Industry have been shared and discussed in an interactive, open and animating atmosphere.

Peter Meissner

The workshop clearly demonstrated how fast the developments in open source are and how these developments are implemented in the mobile as well as in other vertical industries.”

Chaesub Lee, director of the ITU Telecommunication Standardisation Bureau added: “ITU and NGMN are supporting a major shift towards software-driven networking. This ‘softwarisation’ has strong roots in open source. ITU standards groups are showing increasing interest in interacting with open-source initiatives, most notably in network management and orchestration.

We see great value in a strong relationship between standards and open-source software. Standards and open-source communities both hope to increase their interaction – these ITU-NGMN workshops help us to learn from one another, building common understanding of the route to mutually beneficial collaboration.”

The documents of the 2nd workshop can be downloaded from the ITU Website and the NGMN Website.

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