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H2O Flow Pro chooses Exosite’s IoT software platform to develop a sustainable technology solution to conserve water

H2O Flow Pro chooses Exosite’s IoT software platform to develop a sustainable technology solution to conserve water

Posted by Zenobia HegdeDecember 6, 2017

Exosite, a provider in the Internet of Things (IoT) platform market, announced that H2O Flow Pro chose Exosite’s IoT platform to develop a sustainable technology solution that conserves water. As a result of its work with Exosite, H2O Flow Pro is the first IoT water conservation solution offered in the western U.S., specifically in Arizona, California and Texas.

By leveraging Exosite’s real-time alerts and automatic shutdowns for broken systems, H2O Flow Pro now enables irrigation system distributors and contractors to monitor water flow, prevent water loss and respond more quickly to leaks. H2O Flow Pro can also empower property owners to make better-informed water-management decisions, improve service models and achieve greater analytics-driven efficiencies.

H2O Flow Pro envisioned a solution that would hasten a change from a reactive approach to water loss issues – including broken pipes and damaged sprinkler heads – to a proactive approach using an IoT water conservation solution to decrease water loss for its customers. H2O Flow Pro chose Exosite to help develop the solution.

“With Exosite, our engineers were able to focus on building the best device hardware without having to worry about the software side of the product,” said Bret Berry, CEO, H2O Flow Pro. “H2O Flow Pro enables predictive maintenance, providing our customers more peace of mind from the outset. Adding connectivity through Exosite’s IoT platform has enabled us to offer our customers the highest level of proactive water loss monitoring and mitigation that is unmatched by other providers.”

With Exosite, H2O Flow Pro’s connected solution provides powerful insights that improve irrigation monitoring, performance and troubleshooting. The immediate feedback, alerts and actions help to halt water loss, mitigate damage and accelerate repair time so that broken systems can be returned to operational status within 24 hours. Historical data is sent to, stored in and processed by the Exosite platform.

“Our IoT platform enabled H2O Flow Pro to create an entirely new business opportunity that offers major cost savings to property owners and increased efficiencies for contractors, while, on a more macro scale, addressing one of our world’s most formidable environmental challenges,” said Lizabeth Converse, COO, Exosite. “H2O Flow Pro’s solution will make a positive impact on the environment, business owners and consumers long-term. These tangible results underscore the value IoT solutions can deliver.”

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