ForeScout integrates with IBM Security solutions to fortify endpoint defenses and enforce compliance

Pedro Abreu of ForeScout Technologies

ForeScout Technologies, an Internet of Things (IoT) security company, announced it has added to its suite of integrations with IBM Security solutions by offering the new ForeScout Extended Module for IBM BigFix.

ForeScout’s integration with IBM BigFix, an endpoint management and security platform, combines best-in-class security technologies to strengthen endpoint defenses and automates risk mitigation actions across today’s diverse range of connected devices, including mobile, BYOD, IoT and off-premises corporate devices.

The extended module helps organisations maximise security effectiveness and enforce compliance with corporate and industry standards.

The surge in the number and type of connected devices has increased the complexity of enterprise environments, presenting a challenge for CIOs and CISOs to maintain endpoint compliance. The ForeScout Extended Module for IBM BigFix integrates ForeScout CounterACT® and IBM BigFix to assess the security posture of varied types of devices and automates remediation actions to maintain compliance, helping organisations resolve endpoint compliance violations at device connection time before allowing them the appropriate network access.

“When you combine the diversity of network-connected devices with the growing number of industry standards and compliance regulations, the end result can be a security nightmare without the ability to identify and assess endpoints,” said Pedro Abreu, senior vice president and chief strategy officer, ForeScout. “We have teamed up with IBM BigFix to provide an integrated solution that maximises security effectiveness through greater endpoint coverage with optimised endpoint discovery, management and continuous policy enforcement, alleviating the compliance burden on security teams.”

The ForeScout Extended Module for IBM BigFix will provide customers with the following benefits:

  • Real-time visibility and control for corporate and unmanaged devices: Extend endpoint visibility and control beyond BigFix-managed endpoints to include unmanaged devices such as BYOD, IoT, network infrastructure and operational technology systems.
  • Maximise BigFix agent effectiveness: Verify the presence and operation of BigFix agents on supported corporate endpoints using ForeScout and enroll, restart, or remediate to ensure fully functional agents at the time the device connects.
  • Strengthen endpoint compliance to minimise risk: Monitors the configuration and compliance of BigFix-managed devices. With ForeScout’s agentless assessment of devices that are not managed by BigFix, organisations can maintain full compliance with industry and regulatory standards.
  • Automate response and risk mitigation: If either ForeScout or BigFix determines that a device is noncompliant, it will isolate or quarantine the device using ForeScout, and initiates host or network remediation actions before allowing appropriate network access.

“The ForeScout Extended Module for IBM BigFix is a long-awaited solution that gives customers an extra layer of protection that ensures endpoints are managed appropriately and meet compliance requirements across various device types including BYOD and IoT,” said Shahzeb Husain, director, Architecture and Security Services, CAS Severn. “We are excited to offer our customers a solution that assures non-compliant devices will be automatically discovered, quarantined and then remediated prior to network admission.”

ForeScout’s integration with IBM BigFix further extends its joint offerings with IBM Security solutions, which also include IBM QRadar® for greater security insight and automated incident response, and IBM MaaS360 for enhanced management, compliance and security of mobile devices.

The ForeScout Extended Module for IBM BigFix is generally available now.

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