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The Birdhouse art-project

The Birdhouse art-project

Posted by Zenobia HegdeJanuary 3, 2018

A bird is flying around the world. It flies from Birdhouse to Birdhouse. You cannot see it, but you can hear it when it flies into one of them, moves about, tweets, sings, and then flies away again to the next birdhouse.

Welcome to the Internet of Things art project Birdhouse, currently found on Kickstarter, and brought to you by the appropriately named artist, Albert Raven. It is a global audio-artwork, consisting of digital birdhouses around the world being visited by a virtual bird.

These are no ordinary birdhouses, this is an Internet of Things work of art. All Birdhouses are connected by Wi-Fi to and through the internet. There will be many Birdhouses all over the world, but there is only one bird, flying from one Birdhouse to another.

You never know exactly when the bird will be around your particular Birdhouse, but there is a website with an online map that shows you where all Birdhouses are located and where the bird is at that particular time.

Now on Kickstarter!

Raven wants to build as many Birdhouses as possible and distribute them around the world. So he has placed the project on Kickstarter and Bird is off to a good start: nearly 70% of the budget has already been achieved. Still, the bird is not out of the woods yet: the project can only start if the budget is fully funded.

So take a look at the Kickstarter page and spread the bird-word. There is a short introduction-video on the page; and if you want to you can donate to the project and order a Birdhouse, a T-shirt, or some exclusive Birdseeds.

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