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Triax Technologies expands connected jobsite and launches networked IoT sensor to track construction equipment

Triax Technologies expands connected jobsite and launches networked IoT sensor to track construction equipment

Posted by Zenobia HegdeJanuary 8, 2018

Triax Technologies, Inc., a provider of technology for the connected jobsite, has announced its Spot-r EquipTag, said to be the first-of-its kind solution to track operator identity, equipment location, and equipment utilisation.

It can reportedly do this indoors, outdoors and in areas without clear line of sight to the sky.  Spot-r EquipTag integrates with the company’s Spot-r network and its flagship wearable sensor technology toprovide “total digital visibility into worker and equipment activity, location, and safety – all in real-time,” says the company.

“Unauthorised or improper usage of construction equipment is a major cause of injury, damage, fatalities and unforeseen costs on jobsites,” said Chad Hollingsworth, co-founder and CEO, Triax Technologies. “Spot-r EquipTag, working with the Spot-r Clip, enables contractors to see in real-time where their equipment is, who’s using it and whether they are authorised to do so – which significantly reduces risk and prevents incidents. It also helps keep projects on time and on budget, since any piece of equipment – large or small – can be tracked in real-time regardless of where it’s located on site.”

Spot-r EquipTag

Overcoming the limitations of traditional telematics solutions, Spot-r EquipTag is the first plug-and-play, non-GPS solution to manage equipment, workforce and site safety without restrictions such as equipment size or indoor/outdoor location.

Operating off the same secure Spot-r network, EquipTags work exclusively with Spot-r Clips to identify worker certification information and send immediate alerts if there is an unknown or unauthorised operator. While EquipTags track the location and activity of equipment on site, Spot-r Clips layer in workforce and certification data, providing a comprehensive view of how the equipment is being operated across the jobsite and by whom.

Helge Jacobsen

“Our key mission is to promote worksite safety in everything we do, so we can better protect – and serve – our customers and employees,” said Helge Jacobsen, VP, Operational Excellence and Innovation, United Rentals. “Spot-r EquipTag does just that, enabling us to deploy technology in meaningful ways to increase visibility and safety, while advancing our vision of a technology-connected worksite. We’re pleased to work closely with Triax and be among the first to help bring this innovative technology to the marketplace.”

The Spot-r EquipTag adheres to any piece of equipment to automatically collect activity and utilisation data and provide the complete, real-time information companies need to coordinate rentals, optimise schedules and improve safety and compliance in the challenging construction site environment. In addition, real-time equipment location minimises time spent tracking down devices and streamlines delivery, service and pick-up.

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