Nuance shows AI-powered developments for the car and smart home of the future at CES 2018

New conversational artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions asre being shown at CES 2018 by Nuance Communications, Inc..Through advancements in conversational AI, Nuance is empowering solutions that hear, understand, learn, and use language to interact with consumers, providing personalised experiences and aiming for new levels of convenience, engagement, security and satisfaction.

The next generation of Nuance solutions, designed for both today and the future, represent an evolution of technology that will allow for more dynamic and collaborative interactions with assistants that will complete more complex, realistic tasks with higher accuracy. In addition, Nuance is pioneering a way to bring the world of disparate virtual assistants together into one seamless interface through its new cognitive arbitrator.

Seamless interoperability across the assistant ecosystem

Nuance’s new cognitive arbitrator combines conversational and cognitive AI capabilities to connect disparate virtual assistants, third-party services and content, and intelligent agents through an interoperable interface that meets the unique needs of the connected lifestyle across the smart home and car.

Cognitive arbitration will be demoed across Nuance’s CES experiences, including interoperability between the home and car and the ability to connect whether at home or on the go with restaurant, bank, airline, telco, and retail brands through Nina, Nuance’s virtual assistant for customer engagement. For more information on the cognitive arbitrator, check out last week’s press release.

New AI-powered Dragon Drive features

Nuance’s CES Innovation Award-winning-car experiences and brings a more human experience to the automotive assistant. Dragon Drive now tightly integrates conversational artificial intelligence with non-verbal modalities such as gaze detection, enabling drivers to get information about and interact with places outside the car simply by looking at them; enhanced interoperability with other assistants, including in the smart home, virtual personal assistants and bots; and Just Talk, the capability to invoke the automotive assistant without pushing a button or using a wake-up word. For more on the latest Dragon Drive innovations, check out last week’s press release.

AI-based solutions for mobile carriers

Nuance is utilising AI to enhance subscriber engagement for mobile service providers, supporting carriers’ transformation to digital service providers and reinventing their relationships with their subscribers through intelligent solutions.

New for CES 2018, Nuance will showcase enhanced capabilities for Loop, its AI- and data analytics-powered marketing platform for mobile operators that delivers new revenue streams by connecting subscribers to compelling services on the channels that are most relevant to them, including social networks, SMS, Web and USSD. New features provide subscriber offers and new subscriber touchpoints for top-ups, financial services, and contextual ads features using customised shortcuts.

For example, new AI-powered chatbots will deliver personalised services, such as top-ups, via social networking channels like Facebook Messenger, creating a seamless user experience within the most relevant channel for each subscriber.

Interactive entertainment experiences

Nuance is pioneering how conversational AI can make media and entertainment more interactive and immersive. Nuance will be showcasing a prototype of an interactive gaming experience, which will demonstrate the power of speech in enabling conversations with non-player characters (NPCs).

Partnerships to deliver powerful solutions

Nuance is also showcasing a variety of solutions built in partnership with other leading technology providers, including:

  • Toyota – Nuance’s Dragon Drive connected car platform powers the automotive assistant in Toyota’s user experience concept vehicle, Toyota Concept-I, which features the latest automotive innovations, including automated technology, emotion detection, and more, can be seen at Toyota’s booth at CES (Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall, Booth 6906).
  • what3words – Nuance is partnering with what3words to speech-enable the company’s unique method of location referencing, which divides the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and assigns each one a unique three-word address. The solution, which was recently introduced by Mercedes-Benz, can be experienced on their stand at CES (Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall, Booth 4631).
  • Audio solutions for smart devices – Nuance will showcase its latest speech signal enhancement and wakeup word innovations designed for smart device applications through demos with a Xiaomi smart speaker and ROOBO audio capture reference design. For more information on Nuance’s partnership with ROOBO, check out last week’s announcement.

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