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4 Reasons Remote Monitoring is your Best Move to Better Service

4 Reasons Remote Monitoring is your Best Move to Better Service

Posted by IoT Now MagazineJanuary 24, 2018

Remote monitoring has so many advantages it’s become the essential tool for all manufacturing businesses. For those early adopters, the proven results have delivered new value, increased customer engagement and ensured super-efficient service.

Four reasons remote monitoring is your best move for better service:

  1. Being able to ‘see’ your products in their operating state from any location means you have 24/7 access to solving problems from afar. Run remote diagnostics, understand the root cause of the issue and resolve problems without the cost of an onsite visit. 
  2. Decreased downtime fixing products means increased sales, additional time and resource to tap into new revenue streams with new service offerings and the abillity to focus on positive engagement with your customers.
  3. If you are still apprehensive about entering the Internet of Things, remote monitoring is a proven ‘safe’ first step into the ecosystem for product providers.
  4. Worried about return on investment? Remote monitoring delivers the ROI needed to justify the technology expenditure – there is already demonstrable evidence that remote monitoring drastically improves efficiency and increases revenue.

IoT driven service innovation and remote monitoring via connected products, can make your manufacturing business far more competitive, deliver rapid returns, secure cost savings and uncover previously unidentified, new revenue models.



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